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MSB Maine Newsletter | February 2013



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Steve, Bill & Mary
Steve, Mary & Bill on a recent trip to northern Maine.
Director's Corner
Rebecca & Daughter
Rebecca & one of her daughters
Rebecca Martin, Director of Operations

Who doesn't get excited when the new year rolls around and we get to make our list for the new and improved "me"? We're inspired, we're motivated, it's a new beginning!


The reality is that only 8% of people who make New Year's resolutions are actually successful in keeping them. Why is this?

  1. Often times the resolutions are seen as "punishments" for our bad behavior. Chances are we are not going to follow through with something that is already viewed in our minds as unpleasant.
  2. We also tend to set goals that are unrealistic. "No more junk food", "I'm going to work out every day", "No more spending money on anything but bills". The likelihood of us meeting these types of goals is slim to none.
  3. We expect perfection. Hmmm.....

Why as adults do we set ourselves up for failure? If we applied the same principles and standards we set for ourselves, in the school setting for our children, the results would be disastrous.  We must lead by example. We must be understanding, patient, realistic and kind with ourselves.


Only then can we truly achieve personal success and in turn, be the people we want our children to follow and emulate.  

Prior Authorization for Section 65 CBHDT services: New APS Registration Process

Starting December 1, 2012, school districts must include the TM modifier on their authorization requests for Section 65 CBHDT services in APS. The TM modifier identifies those services ordered in an IEP. When assigning the service for each student, you will need to choose the CBHDT service that includes the TM modifier. Please contact your Claims Analyst with any questions. MSB will submit all authorization requests to APS for students receiving Section 65 CBHDT services, upon your request. 

Supporting documentation for submitting claims:
MSB is pleased to offer functionality in Lumea which will help districts consistently comply with MaineCare documentation requirements. MaineCare policy requires that all qualified staff providing Section 65 CBHDT, Section 28 RCS, Section 85 PT, and Section 68 OT document student progress towards short/long term goals in every session. While Section 109 Speech and Hearing policy does not specifically indicate progress must be documented in every session, MSB recommends speech providers document progress on short/long term goals in every session. 


Please contact Kim Tortoriello if you would like to do either of the following:

  • Require ALL service provider types  to document student progress towards long/short term goals prior to posting
  • Require only certain service provider types (please indicate specific provider types) to document student progress towards long/short term goals prior to posting in Lumea
Continuing Education Units now acceptable for Section 65 BHPs


Effective October 31, 2012, the Section 65 policy has been updated to allow a certified BHP to have either completed 90 college credit hours OR Continuing Education Units. Prior to October, only certified BHPs with 90 college credit hours were qualified to provide CBHDT. If your district has any certified BHPs who have received 90 Continuing Education Units, those certified BHPs are now eligible to provide Section 65 CBHDT services.

MaineCare Policy Quiz

The first person to reply to this email and respond correctly to the following questions will receive a gift card:

  1. True or False: Short range goals must be included on a student's Plan of Care/Plan of Service for Speech, PT and OT services.
  2. For Section 65 CBHDT and Section 28 RCS, who must sign the Individual Treatment Plan?