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Hope you're enjoying your summer!  As our days are filled with more light, summer can feel like a time of hope for our dreams to come true and to experience success in our lives.  

Yet, according to Health.com, 54% of people have given up on their new year's resolutions by July.   Let's explore how we can be part of that 46 % of people who keep going for their goals.

Don't we set goals and aim for success to feel happier in our lives? 
Why wouldn't we do what we needed to feel happier?  Some of us are probably still going for our goals in some areas of life, but not in other areas.  In the latter case, what happens to stop us from pursuing our goals that could ideally lead to success we desire?   

As you know, there can be many reasons to slow down on the pursuit of our dreams and our path to happiness - - such as:
  • Dreading the hard work it takes to make change
  • Feeling a fear of potential failure
  • Questioning if we're headed in the right direction
  • Doubting if we're really ready for the next step in our lives.

All of this struggle and internal conflict sounds stressful!  It's no surprise why we might want to give up on pursuing our goals. 

So, how can we get motivated?  Could it be that we have the formula for achieving our goals, experiencing success, and feeling happier all wrong?

Maybe Albert Schweitzer was right when he said "Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success."  Even Shawn Achor (Harvard professor and author of The Happiness Advantagedispels conventional wisdom that the path to feeling happier has to start with a focus on hard work.  In fact, his research reveals that people who are happier are usually more successful.   

Wow!  The solution to being successful can be to start with being happier?!

This is the approach I share with my clients.  We work on having them feel happier and be more positive (while accepting their reality) as they strive to experience desired outcomes for their lives.  This process reinforces being happier DAILY and not just when a goal is achieved.  Make no mistake, they get results!

Is it possible to be successful, move toward getting results, and feel happier all at the same time?  Can we really have it all?! 

Yes!  For some motivation and practical strategies on how to "have it all," see the blog posts below where I share the following:  
  • Four steps to feeling happier daily to get results.
  • Brief Case Studies on how clients experienced more joy which led to their desired successes!  
  • Two simple tools - - to minimize doubt and be inspired - - from the Northwestern University webinar I hosted Achieve Results: With Ease & Joy! 

Hope you can get back on track or more excited than ever to pursue your goals and feel happier daily:-)

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Having It All...With A Lot More Happy
Are you feeling stressed as you tackle your to-do list and go for your goals (or try to have it all)?   Learn how to go for your desires while feeling happier every step of the way.

For a quick dose of inspiration, check out these Case Studies of clients who overcame obstacles you might be experiencing and how they moved toward feeling happier and more positive to enjoy their desired success and who feel like they can "have it all!"
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Achieve Results: With Ease & Joy!

If you're ready to amp up action to achieve your goals, find out what is holding you back, and be more motivated to move forward....


Check out this Northwestern University webinar I hosted titled Achieve Results: With Ease & Joy!  


It includes 2 practical tools you can easily implement to immediately see results.  

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