May 2015
Issue No. 80

I love when things fall into place synchronistically.

My daughter and I were just watching old Marilyn Monroe movies (she was adorable!) when I received a call from ad agency BPG to design graphics and animations for the Marilyn Monroe mini series for LifetimeTV.

Here are title designs and promo. Kelli Garner looks like she can act the part... You should watch it this coming weekend Saturday, May 30th and Sunday! Below is the trailer!


Our 30 day animation challenge is going on and a lot of fun... not easy to animate a piece every day with other assignments going on...but hey, I signed up for it!  Sometimes in production things turn out much different from what was envisioned initially... a typical part of creative process. It is key to see mistakes or turn-of-events as a positive thing and make something out of it! This is the moment where innovation happens, a process I enjoy very much!


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Dan Deacon "When I Was Done Dying" (DDWIWDD) for Off The Air on Adult Swim

Do you remember our Elephant conservation video?
It made the rounds and it happened to go to a circle of passionate elephant conservationists, coincidentally to a neighbor who lives on my street! As a result I am now in contact with her friend in Kenya talking about organizing a safari for my family. I still think how absolute sad elephant poaching is... Here is a call to remind craigslist to take their own policies seriously and take off all ivory sales! Please sign!


30 day animation challenge:
is about animating a small piece every day for 30 daysWe invite other designer/animators for this project as well. Participants create a short animation and then he/she hands it over (via dropbox) and someone else can work on it or not.  Animation can be done as a drawing or stop motion, cel animation or computer...all media is fact it is great to mix it. In the end, we create one video out of it. 
This should be just a fun thing...nothing competitive. We have done similar exercises in cel animation.
Those were done around a table and the person on your right picks up where you left off...
So check it out on our new Facebook page!



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Vivakids is part of Viva Design studios, a lab and think tank where designers, artists and kids work together in multiple ways to express creativity.  We stimulate divergent thinking by using one topic at a time (for example the Alphabet) and generate many different ideas about the topic.
Kids learn the use of stopmotion animation as creative tool and an excellent exercise in persistence and staying in the moment.    
Vivakids' DVDs and ipad apps are must-have learning tools for your thriving child today.