May 2015
Issue No. 80

Creating sizzle ore sales reels for tv stations is interesting, because they are not designed to talk to for the actual audience but to media buyers. Los Angeles agency BPG asked me to come up with ideas for BabyFirst TV. I designed a look to address the baby /preschool audience first and then I revised it to fit the young hip media buyer that may or not may have babies... here are the style frames.

Then I worked for Mocean on a design system for the Disney Media Distribution reel which features many different companies, Lukas Film's "Star Wars" goes along with ABC's "How to get away with murder" and Pixarfilm's new "Inside out". Here are some of my pre-liminary designs and here


If you ever need to sizzle let me know!

Also, I am excited about a few Viva Design events, please see below!

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Art Exhibit:
We will feature Ali Rybczyk's art on "first Thursday" June 4th from 5pm - 9 pm with an open reception. Please feel invited to come by and meet Ali!

30 day animation challenge:
We will animate for 30 days with a handful of animators around the States. See the challenge below.

Summer camp at Vita Arts:
This August 3-7th we will teach teens how to stop-motion animate and how to put a title sequence together. At Vita Arts, please contact Mary Perez,

30 day animation challenge:

Our 30 day animation challenge is about having fun animating without a client agenda!
We animate a small piece every day for 30 days and invite other designer/animators for this project to participate. Participants create a short animation and then he/she hands it over (via dropbox) and someone else can work on it or not.  Animation can be done as a drawing or stop motion, cel animation or computer...all media is fact it is great to mix it. In the end, we create one video out of it. 
This should be just a fun thing...nothing competitive. We have done similar exercise in cel animation.
Those were done around a table and the person on your right picks up where you left off...

So... for example...if i have only very little time one day, I will just animate three dots that move around...maybe someone else can pick it up from there. Or I will add to it the following day.  When I have more time that day, I will do a more complex animation and upload it to the dropbox. Someone else can grab the full res render ( or render with alpha channel) and add to it. Cool?




Viva Design generates out-of the box ideas and produces motion graphics that are simpler, smarter, more memorable, playful, sparkly, fast and furious.



Viva Design generates out-of the box ideas and produces motion graphics that are simpler, smarter, more memorable, playful, sparkly, fast and furious.

Viva Design Inc. was founded in 1998 by Ulrike Kerber. Based in Santa Barbara, California, it has won awards and nominations such as The Television Academy Emmy nomination, New York Festival, BDA, Omni Awards, Type Directors' Club Award, and Art Director's Club Award. In addition to its own Love to Read brand, Viva Design has produced branding for clients such as ABC, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon-Noggin, Travel Channel, Warner Brothers and Oprah's OWN. For more information, please visit

For any inquiries about workshops or broadcast design please contact:
Ulrike Kerber, creative director,

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Vivakids is part of Viva Design studios, a lab and think tank where designers, artists and kids work together in multiple ways to express creativity.  We stimulate divergent thinking by using one topic at a time (for example the Alphabet) and generate many different ideas about the topic.
Kids learn the use of stopmotion animation as creative tool and an excellent exercise in persistence and staying in the moment.    
Vivakids' DVDs and ipad apps are must-have learning tools for your thriving child today.