August 2014
Issue No. 64

It is always fun to design for E! tv. I designed and animated for their Russian E! channel, inspired by Russian constructivist poster art. It was interesting to work with cyrillic typefaces as they look so strongly graphical to me. Here they are...

As summer comes to an end, please let me know, if I can help you with your branding efforts and graphic needs for fall season!




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E! tv IDs
E! tv IDs
Festival des Arts

This July we were in Avignon, France, for the arts festival and submerged in an overload of culture with 2 -3 shows /day... hundreds of theatre productions in the city as well as street performances of b-boys and modern dance in front of the pope palace. It would be hard to say what was best, but what definitely stood out to me was a performance by a kongolese group "coup fatal" that played baroque music with African interpretation.

It was extraordinary to see this group dance so spirited, soulful and African to music by Bach. The stage-set was made out of used cartridges to create awareness for the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Kongo.
When the countertenor started to sing, our jaws literally dropped. It was the most surprising to hear his voice...out of this world. The show was in an outdoor theatre and while these incredibly talented people were performing, lighting hit the sky and everything was electrified.
Their costumes were classy sapeur style 
a fashion and life style that i have always, poise and hope in a war torn country.

I don't find much web information about this show, the production is young and has not gone around the world yet. But they are so promising...i would invite them anytime for a tour in the states!
Here is another piece by alain platel, the choreographer/musical director of  "Passion".
And please watch the teaser for the doc about the young countertenor reve karudji.  I wish Reve that all his dreams will come true.


  Avignon, Festival des Arts



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