Thanks to my wonderful friends, family, clients and collaborators and I wish you many sparkly moments, love, creativity and inspiration in 2014!

Ulrike Kerber
Holidaycard 2013
Holidaycard 2013



This year I support an organization, that helps motivated girls and families in Ethiopia. My friend Saba is fearlessly and passionately spearheading her She caters, cooks and teaches ethiopian cooking while sharing her incredible life story. Proceeds of each dinner go to families/girls in ethiopia. If you ever want to taste her delicious food and help at the same time, please contact me and I will put you in touch with her and we will throw together an unforgettable evening!
Wow... these are the kind of people we want to invest in!



Viva Design generates out-of the box ideas and produces motion graphics that are simpler, smarter, more memorable, playful, sparkly, fast and furious...  

commercials, company videos, promos, titles, image campaigns

Viva Design Inc. was founded in 1998 by Ulrike Kerber. Based in Santa Barbara, California, it has won awards and nominations such as The Television Academy Emmy nomination, New York Festival, BDA, Omni Awards, Type Directors' Club Award, and Art Director's Club Award. In addition to its own Love to Read brand, Viva Design has produced branding for clients such as ABC, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon-Noggin, Travel Channel, Warner Brothers and Oprah's OWN. For more information, please visit

For any inquiries about workshops or broadcast design please contact:
Ulrike Kerber, creative director,

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Vivakids is part of Viva Design studios, a lab and think tank where designers, artists and kids work together in multiple ways to express creativity.  We stimulate divergent thinking by using one topic at a time (for example the Alphabet) and generate many different ideas about the topic.
Kids learn the use of stopmotion animation as creative tool and an excellent exercise in persistence and staying in the moment.    
Vivakids' DVDs and ipad apps are must-have learning tools for your thriving child today.