We created some unique music videos/ commercials. To create this particular look we took thousands of photos of melting icecubes with jewelry inside it. Sequencing that many photos resulted in an artsy, strange and memorable edit. This one turns out to be more on the dark side. The music of "atoms for peace" goes well together with the visuals... in a slightly unnerving, but good way! see here.
This style is excellent for showing beauty or fashion products. We even did one with frozen shoes! I am now looking for more fashion, beauty products to work with. If you need a commercial or youtube video to show off your line of products, please let me know.
As always ...with love to create and inspire,

Ulrike Kerber
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Armani ring - atoms for peace
Armani ring - atoms for peace

Photos: Inga Guzyte, Ulrike Kerber, Nik Blaskoviz , Model : Sarah Brown, Jewelry: Emporio Armani  



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Viva Design helps you to generate out-of the box ideas for your branding and produces motion graphics on a high quality level. Design that is more playful, simpler, smarter, more memorable, sparkly, fast and furious.  


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I am available for design, animation, creative direction. Feel free to contact me, if you need unusual, beautiful imagery and I am happy to give you a quote!

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In September we were in Tokyo, Japan. Here is a stopmotion video i took with the go-pro. Our hotel room was on the 13th floor (13 is not an unlucky number in Japan!) of a skyrise right above the worlds busiest intersection in Shibuya, where 100.000 people cross in one hour...crazy. The video documents the organized pace of Tokyo, like a well oiled machine, thousands of men in white shirts and dark trousers move to work in the morning ... and at night there is another kind of unimaginable variety of foods, fish, drinks, gorgeous plastic food displays, harajuku, fashion, well designed logos, yummy deserts, packaging, and gifts wrappings...Tokyo. We had fun in beautiful Kyoto as well...and the pace was much slower!

Viva Design Inc. was founded in 1998 by Ulrike Kerber. Based in Santa Barbara, California, it has won awards and nominations such as The Television Academy Emmy nomination, New York Festival, BDA, Omni Awards, Type Directors' Club Award, and Art Director's Club Award. In addition to its own Love to Read brand, Viva Design has produced branding for clients such as ABC, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon-Noggin, Travel Channel, Warner Brothers and Oprah's OWN. For more information, please visit

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Vivakids is part of Viva Design studios, a lab and think tank where designers, artists and kids work together in multiple ways to express creativity.  We stimulate divergent thinking by using one topic at a time (for example the Alphabet) and generate many different ideas about the topic.
Kids learn the use of stopmotion animation as creative tool and an excellent exercise in persistence and staying in the moment.    
Vivakids' DVDs and ipad apps are must-have learning tools for your thriving child today.