St. Stephen's Weekly Touchstone
The Second Sunday of Lent 
February 19, 2013

Thought of the Week


When we gathered last week to feast together on pancakes before the long Lenten fast, our children took several "alleluias" and hid them in the church.  They ran around, laughed, and strategized how they might hide each alleluia so well that it might not be found until well into the Easter season. Some of them have in fact been found and removed, but as a testament to their hiding prowess, alleluias keep turning up.  For those who are worried about an alleluia appearing in the midst of our Lenten season...Fear not!  This is ok!   


Sure we refrain from the joyful proclamation, but on occasion it is ok to be reminded that this season is not really about doom, gloom, and deprivation. We observe a holy Lent in order to better understand two important things, that we are in need of redeeming and that God in Jesus Christ offers us more than we can ever imagine to ask for.  That is why it is ok to occasionally come across those slips of paper with alleluia printed on them.  It is good to remember where we are going this Lent.  Let us joyfully and intentionally set about getting ourselves ready for the feast of God's Grace!


See you in Church!
Fr. Josh

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From our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
(thanks to Charity Lunder for taking these!)

Announcements at St. Stephen's Church


ADULT EDUCATION DURING LENT  Starting this Sunday we will gather in the Bethany room at 9 am.  We will be discussing forms and themes of prayer using the Lord's Prayer for a entry and framework. For more details, click here.


BREAD BAKING FOR LENT Interested in baking communion bread for our Sunday morning worship? Contact the office and let us know which Sunday you prefer: 


SARAH CONDON TO BE ORDAINED  Sarah will be ordained to the Deaconate at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City on March 2nd at 10 am.  All are invited to attend this joyous occasion.   


LENT ECUMENICAL WEDNESDAY SERVICES will take place at noon every Wednesday during Lent at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church (29 Cox Avenue, Armonk, NY 10504).  St. Stephen's will provide desert on February 27 & March 13.  Please Sign up to provide desserts for the luncheon on those dates. You can drop them off, if you are unable to attend. There will be a sign-up sheet in the parish hall and in Treasures Thrift Shop. 


Weekly Readings
First Reading: Genesis 15: 1-18
Second Reading: Philippians 3:14 - 4:1

Sunday Servers
Ushers:  Rich Fontaine and Trina Fontaine
Acolyte: Robert Lunder
Chalicist: Annlee Milani 
Reader: Rich Fontaine
Reader: Sheila Varughese
Altar Guild: Sheila Varughese 
Flower Guild: N/A
Coffee Hour: Lander

Services are on Sunday at 10 am and Saturday at 5:30 pm.
Nursery care available at the 10 am service.
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