November 2014
As we enter the season of preparing for the coming snow and colder temperatures, there seems to be so much to do! Although it is much quieter outside on the the Maryholme grounds these days, there is a bustle of activity indoors as we greet our guests and also tend to tasks still on our to-do lists, taking great delight in checking them off, one by one!

"Many think it nothing to do ordinary things.
But to do ordinary things well by God's grace
will maintain fervour" 
Mary Ward 

There is such a wonderful sense of expectancy for what is around 
the corner ... the road looks different with every season, but it is the same road that we all travel down nonetheless ... And it is such a blessing when our Maryholme friends, and those whom we have 
not even met yet, make plans to come to spend time on this 
sacred land, whether for rest or for rejuvenation.

We are excited to let you know that our '2015 Retreats and Events' brochure is now posted on our website. Take a peak at the events 
we have lined up for the next year - we hope we'll see you 
at some of them!

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Do you bake for Christmas?...
Come to a Walnut Party!
November 24, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. in Edgar House


We have some wonderful black walnuts just waiting to be put into your special recipes. Only thing is they need to be cracked open!

Come for a walnut party and we will share the produce. Please let us know you plan to come. You will need to bring a heavy hammer!


Monday, November 24 at 9:30 a.m.
Email     or call  905-476-4013
Coming in December...
The Pregnant Pause
December 5 - 6, 2014

In this pressured season, take time to slow down and pray

with guided reflections in a quiet atmosphere. Conversation

will be only at supper and at gathering times. 

Tech detox is appreciated.


Friday, December 5 - Saturday 6, 2014
Arrival 5-6 pm   Supper 6:30 pm   Departure 3 pm
Private Room $125 p.p.   Shared Room $100 p.p.
Commuter $75 p.p. (Lunch & Supper provided)
Register by November 20     Deposit $40
Email     or call 905-476-4013
Coming in December...
Winter Solstice
Sunday, December 21, 2104

Many cultures and faith traditions mark the coming of the new light into the world. On this night we gather to pray, light the fire and walk the labyrinth for peace, and then warm up afterwards with shared snacks and a hot drink. Gather at Edgar (Main) House 
by 7:20 pm. Please bring a snack to share.
No registration necessary.

As scientists understand more about the interdependence
 not only of living things,
but of rocks, rivers - the whole of the universe -
I am left in awe that I, too,
am a part of this tremendous miracle.
Michael Battle
Are you a scrapbooker? 

Are you a scrap booker looking for another project?
Loretto Maryholme needs someone to put our old photos into scrapbooks. Interested? Contact us. This is a great winter time project!

Please email Mary at
16 Days of Activism Against
Gender-Based Violence...

 "In these turbulent times, 'From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World' could not be more pertinent. During the last year we have witnessed gender-based violence targeted at women in the streets, 
at home, and in the workplace as they go about their daily activities and defend their rights; and so the struggle continues..."
We urge you to join with us in educating ourselves and helping raise awareness during the upcoming "16 Days of Activism.." event. 
Please visit    
for campaign information.


From the Staff ... 
Every once in a while, we are moved by reading something that reminds us how special Maryholme is ... and this time we came across a letter that gives such meaning to "The Blessing Practice", which is a lovely and important part of the ministry here at 
Loretto Maryholme.
And so we would like to share with you a blessing that one 
of our guests recently left in the green cabin for the next guest arriving to enjoy. May it touch your heart as it has touched ours...
Dear Guest,
May you experience the peace and stillness this place has to offer. May it bring up what is true in you - both whatever pain is hidden in your heart & whatever joy there is waiting to be revealed beneath it. May you know that no matter what you are feeling, that you are loved beyond compare. Many blessings on your journey.
With love,
a fellow pilgrim.
Autumn at Loretto Maryholme ...  
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Comments from our guests...
Many thanks to our wonderful visitors who take the time to write in our guestbook. From a recent entry ...


"... I felt so welcome and  'held'  by the whole spirit of the place, which is very loving and accepting and very beautiful. I look forward to coming back someday ..."


Loretto Maryholme is a sacred space of peace and beauty on Lake Simcoe for those seeking to restore energies needed for personal and communal transformation. The Centre is available for use by individuals and groups whose activities reflect the Centre's mission. Facilitation of a workshop, a day of reflection, or an opportunity for spiritual direction can be arranged. For accommodation arrangements, please email