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New Project Puts a Buzz in
Specialty Crop Pollination
Facing the decline of bee populations, specialty-crop farmers are looking for new ways to ensure adequate pollination and profitable yields.

Integrated Crop Pollination (ICP) is a concept that combines the use of managed pollinators (such as honey bees and mason bees) with the restoration of habitat for wild pollinators, and the adoption of bee-friendly farm practices.

These strategies are the focus of a new research partnership: Project ICP - a multi-year project funded by the USDA's Specialty Crops Research Initiative.

Xerces is proud to be working with a broad range of interdisciplinary stakeholders through Project ICP, including farmers, federal agencies, and research institutions to perfect the use of ICP on farms across the U.S. Click the link to watch a short video on Project ICP.

In the years and months ahead, we will be highlighting the specific outcomes of Project ICP on the Xerces Society website, and in workshops and farm events nationwide.

Specific areas of focus include:
  • Developing new best practices for the enhancement of farm habitat to bolster bee populations.
  • Improving techniques for managing alternative bees such as bumble bees and mason bees.
  • Assessing barriers to ICP adoption and the development of new outreach strategies that empower farmers to better manage crop pollination.
  • The dissemination of research results at events for farmers, crop consultants, and USDA personnel nationwide.
To learn more about Project ICP, the project partners, and sign up for e-newsletters, visit Project ICP's web site, or connect to the project via Facebook.

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Upcoming pollinator events in:

  -  Newport Beach, CA
  -  East Lansing, MI 

  -  Glasgow, KY

  -  Frankfort, KY 

  -  Cullowhee, NC  

  -  Cullman, AL

  -  Troy, AL 

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Photo Credit: Common eastern bumble bee (Bombus impatiens) approaching blueberry bloom.
Photo by Nancy Adamson, The Xerces Society.

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