Bead Embroidery Tutorial! Cause, we like.... love you man.
Once in a while we'll hit on something that really gets our evil little hearts pumping. Not coincidentally, it's usually techniques that make us look really good with as little work as possible! Yeah, yeah, call us lazy, call us slackers, call us whatever you want. When we can save time and look good doing it, that's called one thing my friends: GENIUS.
We shared this technique on Facebook and it blew up. Of course people were requesting tutorials, so we decided to put one together just for our Newsletter Subscribers. So, here you go! If you want to see more details on the cake, see below or go to our facebook page to see the final result!

Today's Math Lesson:  1+1 = EVIL GENIUS
1) Our New Favorite Bead Embroidery Technique!


Ah yes, Evil. Evil Indeed!
Yes, this technique will work with ANY of our acrylic stencils that Non Pareils will fit through (email us if you're not sure, it will NOT work with mesh stencils). Start shopping all our stencils here
The stencil shown above is our new Floral Embroidery Stencil and of course you can get the White Non Pareils while you're at it.
Add flowers and a few dragees... Ta Dah! SUPER EVIL!

Looks pretty killer on one of our Tougher Than Hell Acrylic Cake Plates , huh? You already saw what we made with this technique. How about you show us what YOU can do? We'd love to see your pics!

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