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When Loving Arms first started I had a vision for the perfect caregiver. They would be kind, compassionate, hardworking, dedicated, reliable, sincere, professional, patient, goal oriented, and well organized at the very least!

There are four women who have actually been caregivers with Loving Arms for over 3 1/2 years and I believe best represents what we are all about! and so, I am excited to announce our first employees of the month! Please read about them in the article below.

Have a great summer!

Aimee Read, President
Loving Arms Elder Care
flip flops
allergy As the trees start to bloom and the pollen gets airborne, allergy sufferers begin their annual ritual of sniffling and sneezing. You may have been struggling with allergies for years, but that doesn't mean you can't learn a few new tricks about coping with them. Seasonal and other indoor/outdoor allergies aren't just annoying, they can affect your quality of life. It can lead to sinus infections, disrupt your sleep and affect your ability to be productive. Airborne allergens also can trigger asthma attacks which can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

About 40 million people in the U.S. have some type of "indoor/outdoor" allergy, known as seasonal allergies.The biggest allergy trigger is pollen -- tiny grains released into the air by trees, grasses, and weeds. When pollen grains get into the nose of someone who's allergic the immune system goes into overdrive.

To learn more about symptoms, treatments and ways to reduce allergens, click here.
Keeping Your Body Healthy 
Range of Motion Exercises 
Range-of-motion exercises (also called stretching, ROM or flexibility exercises) help preserve flexibility and mobility of the joints on which they are performed. Range of motion is the term that is used to describe the amount of movement you have at each joint. Every joint in the body has a "normal" range of motion. Joints maintain their normal range of motion by being moved. It is therefore very important to move all your joints every day. Stiff joints can cause pain and can make it hard for you to do your normal daily activities.

With range of motion exercises, gently straightening and bending the joints in a controlled manner as far as they comfortably will go can help condition the affected joints. During the course of a range-of-motion exercise program, the joints are stretched progressively farther until normal or near-normal range is achieved and maintained. This helps to maintain comfort while function is preserved.

To learn more about range of motion exercises, click here.

Caregivers of the Month
Antoinette "Toni" Caplan
Toni started working with Loving Arms Elder Care in 2009 after caring for her own family and friends. This personal experience, combined with her professional experience as an Administrative Assistant for many years has made her a tremendously patient, compassionate, soft-spoken, goal oriented, and extremely organized caregiver.
Toni has been married for 30 years with 2 grown children, and recently became a first-time grandmother to twin girls, who are her pride and joy.  She even took a "Grandma Leave of Absence" for two months to help care for them after they were born. Her three favorite things in life are traveling, animals and babies.
Anita Peters
Anita joined the Loving Arms team in 2009 as well. She came to us as an exceptional caregiver with years of experience as a CNA in both institutional settings and private homes. She has also served as a Lay Chaplain Volunteer in recent years as her personal faith is a driving force in her life.
Anita's knowledge, compassion, and reliability have far exceeded our expectations here at loving Arms Elder Care. Anita has been married for 31 years and has 2 grown children. Her three favorite things in life are God, family and travel.
Crystal Buchert
Crystal is described by those who know her best as the most caring, compassionate, loyal person they know. Since starting with Loving Arms Elder Care in 2010, she has worked as an overnight caregiver with two very dear clients providing them with a sweet voice and a gentle touch.
Her character and reliability have impressed us since day one.  Crystal is married and has 4 children. We are very fortunate to have her working for the company. She represents the best we have to offer our clients! Her three favorite things in life are family and friends, her camera and flowers.
Annie Webster 
Annie started with Loving Arms Elder Care in 2010. She came to us with an educational background in Sociology and Family Studies/Education Ministries. Her previous work experience was with a Residential Treatment Facility for youth with severe emotional and behavioral issues. During her time there she proved her ability to be very goal oriented and driven in her approach to care and was promoted time and time again.
Annie brings with her the most admirable qualities... she is one of the most sincere, honest, hardworking people we have ever known, always putting others before herself. She quickly became a Team Leader for Loving Arms and serves as a great role model. Her three favorite things are God (studying and talking about Him), family and friends and camping.

Please join me in thanking these four awesome women for their service to our seniors in need. And congratulations for a job well done!