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Spring 2014


 What can I say, 365 days is not as long as it seems. Some history first ... I was very honored to be asked to serve on the Philadelphia MRA board by Meg Ryan a few years ago. Quickly, I knew this was something I was not only going to enjoy, but appreciate. Being mentored by Natalie Dunn and Michael Georgianna was great. The vast knowledge they were able to bring to table was very impressive and you can easily see after a few conversations with them how much they care about our local community. Few tasks at first ....find some speakers.... make some calls and then the tasks get a little harder --- plan some events, get others to join our cause start to see a difference and feel great about the work you are doing. That is what being a volunteer is about. All this lead up to serving my one year as President of our chapter. Were all of our goals accomplished, no. Did we do the best we could do, YES!


Over the past few years while serving on the board we have accomplished GREAT THINGS.

  • Nearly $8,000 to Temple Fox Business scholarships.

  • Increased partnership with Temple Fox Business School

  • Increased membership roles

  • Added new young talent to the PMRA board

  • Created partnership with Ronald McDonald house

  • Created partnership with PMRG and AMA

  • And lastly, and most importantly, increased attendance and content at our affairs.


If you are reading this article and you are not as involved in Philadelphia MRA --- call me , email me, send me a fax or a note from a pigeon. It will get to me and I will find something for you to do so you as well can feel accomplished and proud of your chapter.


To our future President and President-Elect as well as the rest of the board- I personally wish you nothing but the best success. I hope over the past few years we have created an atmosphere where you feel you will be successful and continue to great tradition's of our Philadelphia Chapter.


Enthusiastically Yours,

Jason Eric Saylor

President, Philadelphia MRA



Recent & Upcoming Events


  • Philadelphia AMA - MRA Joint Educational Event /  April 24, 2014, Philadelphia
  • Bowling Social / Date and venue TBD
  • MRA Insights and Strategies Conference / June 4-6, Chicago IL

 Philadelphia MRA welcomes all members and members-to-be to our annual EOY summer party on Thursday JUNE 19, 2014!


TIME: 6-8:30PM


LOCATION:Continental Mid-town at 1801 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, PA.


COST: $20 for members, $25 for non-members, and $15 for students.  



 Please join us for an evening of food and drinks at the upscale Continental Mid-town at 1801 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, PA. You'll enjoy a fabulous view from the rooftop patio while networking with dozens of other market research colleagues. 


Registration information coming soon!

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Event Review
Member Spotlight
MRA Scholarship Winners
2013-2014 Board Members
Jason Eric Saylor

Past President
Natalie Dunn
Schlesinger Associates, Inc.
215.564.7300 (x117)
President Elect
Omar Barquet
Focus Pointe Suite
Marketing Systems Group
215.653.7100 (x140)

Mary Conran
Temple University


Brian Kenyon
Bernett Research Services


Rick Eisenberg
215.653.7100 (x157)


Meghan Surdenas
Focus Forward, LLC
215.367.4000 (x258)

Angela Wood
888-678-7782 (x7305)

Event Review


Philadelphia AMA-MRA Joint Event Review

The Changing World of Pharmaceutical Marketing


Rajesh Bhai, Marketing Systems Group


 The MRA and AMA joint lunch & learn event was a great success.  Members from both organizations enjoyed a catered lunch, networking, and an insightful presentation from Jim DeLash
 (of GSK) on innovative strategies for driving marketing campaigns in the healthcare industry.  The discussion focused on how marketers utilize market research and create strategies to optimize campaign performance.  Temple University Center City hosted the event and the venue was perfect in location and size.  I had the pleasure of meeting several AMA members for the first time and look forward to holding future joint events with the Philadelphia chapter.






Member Spotlight -  Mark Paikoff, Adelphi Research 


Interview with Mark Paikoff, Adverse Events and Compliance Specialist           



Tell us a little bit about your company?


Adelphi Research is a global market research consulting firm providing customized qualitative and quantitative solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and consumer health industries. I serve as Adverse Events and Compliance Specialist for the company.


How did you get involved with Market Research?


After 17 years in elementary education, I transitioned to a career in market research. It allows me to focus on my love of analysis, research and learning.


Why did you join the MRA?


I joined the MRA to be up to date on the latest trends in the field and to stay ahead of the curve on requirements in compliance and adverse event reporting.


Where would you recommend MRA national holds one of the annual conferences?


I think a variety of different locations would benefit all members.


Are you a Philadelphia native?


I am originally from Upstate New York near Syracuse, but have lived in the Suburban Philadelphia region for the past 20 years.


What is your favorite Philadelphia area/activity?


I enjoy anything from a sporting event to a local community theater production to dining out. There is really a lot to do in the area.


What are your hobbies?


I enjoy spending time with my family. I perform in local theater when I can. I also like to cook and read.


Scholorship Winners

MRA would like to congratulate both scholarship winners this year from Temple!



Amanda Sica



As a rising senior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Business Analytics, Amanda is extremely proud of the academic accomplishments she has made as a college student. Currently her GPA is 3.96, and she has made the Dean's list every semester.


Amanda believes Temple University has given her many invaluable opportunities that have enhanced her education and taught her valuable lessons that she will carry with her as she launches her professional career.


Amanda is a member of the Temple University chapter of the American Marketing Association, a Student Professional Organization on campus that aims to expose its members to various careers in marketing through weekly speaker panels. Being a part of this organization has allowed Amanda to connect with other marketing students and learn about opportunities from professionals in the industry.


Additionally, this past summer she studied abroad in Rome, Italy, where she was able to immerse herself in their culture and learn a lot about herself along the way. Moreover, this semester she had the privilege of being selected into a competitive program as a Peer Diamond Teacher. In this role, Amanda mentors other Fox School students in an introductory marketing class and help run the course administratively. Not only has this program helped her to develop her own leadership abilities, it has also given Amanda a deeper understanding of various marketing concepts and direction for her career development path.


Last semester, Amanda completed a Marketing Research course where she learned methods for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data relevant to the marketing decision-making process demonstrated through doing a semester-long project that needed applied all of these core concepts. After taking this course, Amanda has decided to focus her career to Marketing Research. This summer she has been offered an internship with PPL Electric Utilities located in Allentown, PA. This internship will give her the opportunity to support the Marketing Research staff at PPL in managing research projects, analyzing customer satisfaction data, and developing questionnaires. This internship position will allow Amanda to apply what she has learned at the Fox School of Business to a real-world context, helping her to bring great service to PPL customers and give her the experience needed to succeed following graduation.



Tim DeCarolis


Tim DeCarolis is completing his junior year at Temple University and last semester he took a Marketing Research course and became interested in the work and a possible career in marketing research. The course involved a semester long project which demanded the team create and distribute surveys and come up with findings about a topic related to Temple's campus.


Tim's group chose to research the water fountains at Temple and how the availability of these effect consumers spending and drinking habits. Tim was very interested in the whole process and enjoyed the numbers part of it and analyzing the results.


In the spring semester of his sophomore year, Tim competed in the Target Case Study with two other classmates; the objective of the competition was to create a SWOT analysis and come up with a business proposal for Target's goal of implementing Target into cities. Tim had to research competitors which included Wal-Mart, Costco, and Amazon and learned a lot about competitive intelligence from this case study experience. 


Tim chose the Marketing Major because the challenge of molding someone's opinion interested him but Marketing Research caught his attention because, with research, the situation is somewhat reversed in that organizations are trying to see if the data supports a hypothesis and then trying to molding opinion on whether the project will work or not.  He looks forward to continuing to learn about Marketing and Marketing Research.







Reflection with Theresa Myer - Past Scholarship Winner
Theresa Myer was the first Phila MRA Scholarship winner from Temple in 2007.  Below Theresa reflects how her experience has brought her to where she is today.

"You don't choose market research, market research chooses you." This is what I have heard from numerous people since getting into the field seven years ago. Market research chose me back at Temple University in 2007 when I was a junior marketing student. Professor Mary Conran nominated me for the Philadelphia Market Research Association Scholarship, which I was very fortunate to win. It allowed me to network with different people in the industry at the MRA Philly/NYC Joint conference that spring. Through this opportunity, I was able to not only get an internship for the summer, but gain valuable, real-world experience in market research.


Since graduating from Temple in 2008, I have been working in the pharmaceutical market research industry. Currently, I am a Manager of Business Insights at Kantar Health in Horsham, PA. Since joining Kantar Health almost four years ago, I have worked with a variety of clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to develop highly customized deliverables and provide strategic insight to answer their key business issues. Without the support of the MRA Scholarship Program and Professor Conran, I would not be where I am today.


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