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Ready for Spring? 

Spring is a magical time when we say hello to warmer temperatures, bright colors, new growth and longer days. Look a little deeper inside and it represents renewed energy, excitement and promise of new beginnings.

Enjoy the main article below, Expecting Miracles. Lessons on authenticity, freedom and living fully expressed.

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Certified High Performance Coach
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
International Empowerment Coach 
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Expect Miracles

You are destined for greatness. You came into this world equipped with the spirit of innocence and wonder.  Everything around you was a discovery. You approached all that was new with a willingness and eagerness to learn. Being a student of life and of yourself had you experience miracles all around you.

Think of a small child laughing, playing, using their imagination free of limitation and boundaries. That energy melts you and has you want to play along and take in the mystery and majesty of what it means to really be FREE! In an instant your worries slip away and you are transformed. You find yourself saying and doing things that meet or match the lead of the child. What happened?

Regardless of what or who gave you permission to bring forth that joy and freedom, remember that you stepped into the moment. If only for a moment, you set yourself free. Nothing else in your life changed. You still had the same job, relationships, bank account, friends, hobbies, etc. once the moment had passed. You can do this!

That is how you will continue to be able to expect miracles. You allow them to come forth. With arms wide open, invite, embrace and expect miracles moment by moment, each and every day!

Do that right now. Stand up, open your arms wide, chest expanded and say;
  • I am willing and ready to expect and experience miracles. Take a deep breath.
  • I invite and embrace my magnificence. Take a deep breath.
  • I step forth with self-trust and clarity.  Take a deep breath.
  • I take responsibility for my AUTHENTICITY and FREEDOM. Take a deep breath. 
Notice the tendency to want to curve your shoulders, shrink your chest and protect yourself.  Practice at least once a day and be willing to notice how your life can be different moment by moment by what you bring it.

Remember, this is not about you against the world, it is you in the world with full permission and responsibility to create a life you love. It is you being authentically you in the midst of situations with a full range of choices, emotions, thoughts, words and actions with no need to shrink, hide, pretend or conceal.

You must remember that you were once that child. Be willing to step forth into the moments given you with curiosity, courage, confidence, clarity and choices that bring forth freedom and celebration.

Rather than look back with regret if you are not currently experiencing that same freedom, take some time to remember who you once were and what excited, inspired, motivated and moved you? Keep that visual in front of you at all times. Let that guide, encourage and support you to align your thoughts, words and actions.

Forgive and move beyond any programming and training from your parents, family, teachers, environments, friends, society, religions and cultures that stripped away your freedom. Let go of the need to settle for what other people need, want and expect of you. Your survival, sense of belonging, acceptance and love no longer depend on gaining the permission and approval of others.

Can you see that all that has happened is that you forgot who you were and what had you experience life as exciting and delicious when you were living in the spirit of innocence and wonder? Maybe you just learned to stop trusting yourself to expect and bring forth miracles.

Just like a sculptor chips away all that is not the magnificence of the finished product, you too can become the masterpiece that was once hidden and buried inside of everything that has attempted to shape and mold you. You are a miracle and there are many miracles waiting and wanting to happen in your life. Allow them in.

Trusting yourself to bring forth clarity for all that is real, authentic, pure, natural, sincere and true for you will have you experience freedom and living fully expressed.

Don't forget that children also celebrate. They do it with smiles, laughter, clapping, dancing, running, hugging, wide eyes and naps. Be willing to celebrate all that you notice and all that you bring forth.

How will you invite in, bring forth and celebrate the miracles wanting to happen in your life?

Looking forward to being your partner in possibilities! If you are ready to step forth to expect and create miracles in your life, contact me for a free strategy session to get started today!

I will be sharing many exciting projects and activities in 2015. Check my calendar often for updates. Details are unfolding. 

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Pathway to Fulfillment - 2 part series
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Location: The Red Shoes, Baton Rouge, LA

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Sept. 11 - Oct. 24 - EFL Results Program (Pre-requisites, Stage I and Stage II) Iowa City Learning Foundation, Iowa City, IA   

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Denise Palmisano, C.H.P.C., C.I.C.P.
Certified High Performance Coach
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
International Empowerment Coach 
(985) 860-8861
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