Denise Palmisano                                       November 2, 2014
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"The best way to predict the future is to create it." ~Abraham Lincoln.  


Wise words from a wise man. Elections Day is Nov. 4. Please exercise your right to vote and create a promising future for all.


Another way to create a promising future is to step into your own magnificence. When you raise the standards and consistency of choices in your own life, situations and relationships are more fulfilling and a new future is possible.


As each person takes personal responsibility to diminish or eliminate their own obstacles, challenges or suffering, a more promising future exists for everyone.    


There is the right and privilege to create the exact future you desire as well as a responsibility to make it so. It isn't enough to just want it so, you are called to make it so. You give up your right when you choose to sit back and live a life on hold or in denial that you can make a difference in your life or the lives of others.  


I challenge you to make the remainder of 2014 your time to Step Into a Future of Possibilities!


I have included a special discount for you below to take action toward creating a future worth stepping into.


Love & hugs,
Denise Palmisano, CHPC, C.I.C.P.
Certified High Performance Coach
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
International Empowerment Coach 
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Step Into A Future of Possibilities! 

Change is inevitable, progress is intentional.

Are you ready to create more peace, abundance, love, fulfillment, productivity, influence and joy in your life?

Have you run out of energy, ideas or motivation to implement your dreams, desires or goals?

Are the results in your life getting a little stale, boring or dead end?

Before you go into a tailspin of any negative, internal chatter about any situation or relationship in your life, I invite you to take a breath and let that all move through you. For this moment, let go of any thoughts or emotions that are standing in the way of you seeing possibilities other than what you already have. Get present to this moment then continue reading.

Q: How does one maintain a balanced, fulfilling and active lifestyle in the midst of life's demands?


A: It is a process of observing old habits and taking new actions. We have been practicing and reinforcing behaviors and mindsets that allow and encourage us to be impatient, overwhelmed, stressed and feeling as though who we are or what we do is "not enough". We have been programmed and conditioned to live in a fast paced society where everything we could possibly imagine or want is at our fingertips. Getting what we want, when we want it is not proving to be in our best interests or beneficial to our well-being. We are on information, access and experience overload. Be careful what you practice, you will get good at it.


There is a constant bombardment of marketing suggesting that we need more, better, faster ways of living life. Even with the flood of activity, we often have the experience of a having a "life on hold". The consequence of that duality is showing up in our physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being. From that perspective, we are not practiced at handling the constant demands while maintaining a balanced, fulfilling and active lifestyle. It doesn't have to be this way.


6   Steps to Living a Life You Love: Become the creator of your thoughts, words and actions


Step 1. Take a deep breath and call your attention to the present moment. Awareness is key in any change, shift or transition.


Be still and without judgment choose to regard everything that is calling for your attention as information only. You do not have to follow your thoughts. This is a moment of choice. What you focus on will magnify!


Your thoughts create your feelings and your reality of the external world. Your perception of the world and your place in it is primarily based on old programming, old beliefs and reinforced behaviors.


Step 2. Identify what you want and why it is important to you. Let go of the programming of what others think you need or should do. What would your balanced, fulfilling and active lifestyle look like?


Step 3. Make choices in alignment with what you have identified as important to you. Now you can create the structure that will create your desired results. That structure could include,

  •  Clear the clutter of any thoughts, words or actions that are not in alignment or that are holding you back from what you say you really want. This will create the focus, clarity and energy that will propel you forward.

Internal clutter examples - grudges, resentments, unexpressed emotions, undelivered communication, unspoken boundaries, unspoken requests, non-acceptance, non-forgiveness etc.


External Clutter examples - incomplete projects, broken promises, clothes that don't fit, messy closets, unorganized work spaces, unread or unprocessed emails, hanging onto equipment that no longer works, etc.


Step 4. Take Action - nothing happens until something moves. Establish habits of well-being and follow through. Focus on long-term fulfillment vs. short-term gratification. Identify and follow through on the daily, weekly or monthly habits that will create your desired results.


Step 5. Get support - Enroll a friend, buddy or support system. Do not attempt this alone. You may need the help of experienced professionals to accomplish some of the desired results.


Step 6.Celebrate and acknowledge the amazing life you are creating!!!

I look forward to being your partner in possibilities! Check out two upcoming 12 week telephone series beginning mid November 2014.

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Denise Palmisano, C.H.P.C., C.I.C.P.
Certified High Performance Coach
Certified Integrative Coach Professional
International Empowerment Coach 
(985) 860-8861
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