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I hope you well and and still excited about the amazing results that are available to you in 2013. Whether the changes are designed or imposed, you can seize the opportunity!    


I am inviting you to not only see opportunity in every situation or relationship  but to seize the opportunities.  Nothing happens until something moves! You are the author, editor and publisher of your life story! 


Here is a tool that will show you how to make 2013 one of the BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE!  You can apply this to any area of life.  


From Here to There: 


Identify a situation, relationship or event that is calling for your attention. In other words, where are you feeling a change is either necessary or that a change will be imposed on you by someone else in the near future.


Write down the facts as it relates to getting a snapshot of the current condition of the situation. Do not add judgment or story to it. I will use a common issue as an example. What you put into the exercise will be what you get out of it. This is your life! Take it serious. 


Current weight: 170 

Current height: 5'6" 

Any Health issues: (diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, high cholesterol) 

BMI - (body mass index in this case is 27 - which is overweight) click here for a calculator  

Eating habits: (fast food, sugar drinks and snacks, drink alcohol, home cooking, etc.)  

Level of activity: (inactive, walk maybe once a week)

Sleep habits/patterns: 5 hours a night 


Can you see the potential condition of this person 3-5 yrs down the road if he/she keeps doing the same things? Likewise, where will you be in 3 -5 years if you keep doing the same things in the area of life you wrote down? 


Now ask yourself,  What would you like to be different?


Desired weight: 150 

Health issues: none  

BMI - (body mass index in this case is 25 - which is healthy)  click here for a calculator   

Eating habits: plan that is both healthy and sustainable   

Level of activity: active  

Sleep habits/patterns: 7 -8 hours a night  


Now write down all the action items it would take to go from where you are to where you say you want to be that are within your control.


You just wrote out your plan for changing that aspect of your life.   


Now, write dates by when you will take the specific actions that will move you forward in this area of life.  


How will your life be different, enhanced or expanded by applying this tool?  


How will that make you feel?


Is that experience one that would motivate or inspire you to take ACTION to make the necessary shifts, changes or transitions?  


If yes, then it is time to put your plan into ACTION to create your ideal outcome.   


If not, then notice the resistance to letting go of your old habits and perceived limitations. I invite you to quit fighting for and defending your limitations and not only SEE opportunities in creating more of what you want but to actually SEIZE opportunities that are right here, right now. Don't put your life on hold any longer.  


Follow the links on this newsletter to see how we might partner in moving through what's next for you.  


Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Keep in mind that distance coaching sessions can be done via phone or Skype.  


Love & hugs,


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TSFL Path to Optimal Health
TSFL Path to Optimal Health
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