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Profit Margins 3rd Quarter 2016

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IRS Updates Vehicle Depreciation Limits for Automobiles
By Steven P. Gooden, CPA

The Internal Revenue Service recently revised the depreciation limits for business-use passenger automobiles, trucks and vans first placed in service during calendar year 2016. The updated amounts under Revenue Procedure 2016-23 are in table format below.
Preparing for the New Overtime Pay Rule
By Mary C. Dantuma, CPA, MST, CGMA

After much anticipation, the Department of Labor recently released a new rule which will change how employers compensate employees. Effective December 1, 2016, workers who earn above the previous threshold but below the new one will qualify to receive time-and-a-half for each hour they work surpassing 40 hours a week. An estimated 4.2 million salaried workers will become eligible for overtime pay under the new rule.

Creating Your Small Business Exit Strategy
By Martin R. Glickstein, CPA

Do you know what will happen to your business when you retire? By necessity, many busy small business owners spend all of their time thinking about the here and now, with little opportunity to focus on the future. But your company's long-term survival -- and your own retirement security -- may depend on establishing a realistic and workable exit strategy.

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