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February 2013
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  A Champlain Love Story: Steve & Rachel Pinard '63
Rachel Boivin and Steve Pinard met as undergraduates at Champlain College in 1962.
Steve in 1963
They graduated in 1963 and married in 1964. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren and reside happily in East Montpelier, VT . They both share a deep love not only for each other, but also for Champlain- a place they both call home.


When Rachel and Steve were Champlain students, the college was very different. For one thing, it was tiny. Rachel recalls her graduating class of 149 students. Rachel says she was "an executive secretary major and became proficient in shorthand and typing." She worked for an insurance adjuster on Church Street, while Steve was a business major.  

Rachel in 1963


At that time, only women lived in dorms on campus, and men were not allowed inside. There was a curfew every night and "no one was allowed to make phone calls after 10 p.m.," Rachel explains.  Men either commuted from home or rented rooms in the neighborhood. There were  also strict dress codes: Rachel had to dress in "business attire" - including nylons- and Stephen had to wear a sport coat and tie and keep his hair short and neat. Rachel fondly remembers her life in the dorm because "it had a wonderful family feel to it," she says.  And in true family fashion, house mothers kept students in line. "Our rooms were regularly inspected," Rachel continues, "and if they did not meet with our house mother's approval, we were issued 'pink' slips for being disorderly."


Steve and Rachel met at a Newman Club (Catholic ministry center) retreat in Boston and began dating right away. During the 1960s, that meant they went to the movies , walked into town for a bite to eat, or enjoyed a leisurely walk on Church Street. "It was wonderful," says Steve. "One big change from today's dating world is that women didn't ask men out," says Rachel. "If you weren't asked out, you probably would not be going out."  Steve was smitten with Rachel right away. "It didn't take long for me to fall in love with her," he remembers. "Not only was she beautiful (and still is!), but she charmed me with her wonderful personality and great sense of humor. We were married on April 4, 1964 and we will celebrate our 49th anniversary this year."


The happy couple today

During their happy marriage, Rachel held several jobs where she used her secretarial skills and then went back to school to study nursing. She now works at the Vermont Association for Mental Health. Steve spent 30 years teaching Business Management and Computer Science at Montpelier High School before he retired a few years ago. They both visit Champlain and are pleased to see their school expand. "I am happy to see Champlain grow," says Rachel. "The skills I learned, such as shorthand and typing, serve me well today." Steve remains close to retired professor Walt Luchini and reports that his visits to campus inspired him. "On a number of occasions I would meet Walt on campus for lunch. It is amazing to see how much Champlain has changed from its years as a two-year college to what it is now: an impressive four-year institution. As much as I loved the smallness of the school I attended, there is a certain part of me that is envious of the opportunities and facilities available to Champlain students today."



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Champlain College Alumni Blog
 From the desk of Nancy Kenney '92
 Is Social Media Right for Your Business?


Have you been to the store lately to buy milk? There are many choices on the shelf such whole milk, 2%, and skim. Do you buy a gallon of milk or just a quart? Do you buy the milk that was on sale or the organic variety? If you bought organic, did you buy the brand from the local dairy farmer? Today's social media marketing strategy is just like buying milk: you can get it anywhere, at any time, and you have many choices to help you grow and manage your social media presence.  Make sure you are choosing the path that is right for your business needs.


So, how do you know if  social media is right for your business? There certainly is no requirement that every business have a social media presence, and not every business needs social media to reach their customers. Before you make the leap, be sure you understand that social media is a commitment and demands investments of both time and money to be effective.


If you do decide to "buy the milk," remember that one size does not fit all. Create a marketing plan that is in line with your overall brand strategy. Social media is just one component of your overall communications strategy and should work in tandem with other departments. 


Most brands are still using social media as a publishing channel, rather than an engagement channel. In today's business world, social media is best used to communicate on a more personal level with customers and respond to queries promptly and in real time. 


When hiring a social media staffer, be sure to hire a good writer and a people person. After all, social media is meant to be social! An outside social media marketing company can also help you achieve your goals.  Social media is about listening and responding to customers and future clients, and also having fun once in awhile.


Nancy Kenney '92 is the Owner/Founder of Green Girl Media, LLC - A Social Media Management Firm. As a member of Champlain College Class of 92, Nancy's career includes more than 13 years as a paralegal and human resources professional and 5 years as a social media marketing manager. Learn more about Nancy here: or follow her on Twitter! 




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