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December 2012 
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Save the Date: Upcoming Alumni Events!

Wednesday, January 23 at 6:00 p.m. 

Thursday, January 24 at 5:30 p.m.

Alumnae Girls Night at Drink in Burlington, VT


Friday, February 22 & Saturday, February 23
Champlain College Alumni Summit 

Look for your invitations after the New Year!

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2K 4 2M Update 
We hear that there may be some confusion about this exciting 2K 4 2M Challenge. Here is a break-down of all you need to know:
  • If 2,000 alumni make a gift of any size by June 30, 2013, a donor will contribute $2 Million to Champlain.
  • This means that your gift will be matched with $1,000. 
  • By participating in this challenge, you are turning individual generosity into collective energy for the direct support of today's students & tomorrow's leaders.
Alumni Spotlight: Returning to Champlain

Ian Frisch '09, editor of Relapse Magazine, recently came back to campus and shared his story of finding success in the publishing industry in NYC. Watch him inspire current students in the Professional Writing program. 


Ian Frisch 09 Champlain College Alumni
Ian Frisch '09 


 Jade Jenny '10 also spoke on campus recently as part of the BYOBiz Speaking from Experience lecture series. He shared his story about starting Champlain Valley Crossfit. Click here to read more.

Attention Alumni Business Owners

As a way of giving back to our Alumni in the coming year, we are exploring the idea of offering Champlain alumni discounts at businesses that are owned or operated by graduates of Champlain College. This would be a way for us to help promote your company while giving alumni a huge incentive to shop locally & support the alumni community.  If you are interested in talking more, please contact Hannah Campbell by e-mail  or phone:  (802) 860-2747. 

Alumni Art Show: Call for Submissions

Calling all artists! In February 2013, we will be hosting an Alumni Art Show on campus as part of the Champlain College Alumni Summit. We are seeking your submissions for the show.  We welcome painters, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, sculptors, you name it.  The show is open to artists working in any medium.  Submit your work digitally by emailing high-resolution JPGs to Hannah Campbell. If you would rather submit a physical piece, please give us a call to talk logistics: (802) 860-2747.  We've got some talented alumni out there, and we can't wait to show you off!   

Burlington News: Farm Stand Teaches Healthy Eating

King Street Center: Farm Stand Teaches Community to Be Healthy


King Street Center now has a farm stand set up by Fatuma Malande, a Somali American who immigrated to Burlington in 2005. She sells homemade potato cakes, baked pastries and fresh produce from her farm. "New Farms for New Americans is a project of 50 refugee farmers who are cultivating vegetables in Vermont," according to Association of Africans Living in Vermont, Inc., which coordinates the project in partnership with the Intervale Center and the USDA Farm Service Agency. Fifty households grow produce on 16 plots at the Ethan Allen Homestead, and take the foods to sell at stands in the Old North End, Winooski, and now at the King Street Center


"I think the partnership has been great," says Jim Young, Teens Futures Coordinator at the King Street Center. "The food aspect of the program is really secondary in my opinion. Talking with families and people who are more involved with the farm speaks of the benefits in a social context. These new American adults who are working their own plots are doing more than sowing seeds. It allows them to reconnect with parts of their past that are positive. They are able to set a goal and work towards it in an environment that takes their unique skill sets into account," he continued. 

"Many of these folks don't speak adequate English to have a customer service job. Food service, dish washing, these are typically the types of work that is out there for this population. While it is a good thing that these jobs exist," Young notes. "There are not enough of them out there and they don't seem to offer the personal satisfaction that I've seen on the faces of these farmers. There is something to be said for making something with your bare hands, creating somethingthrough hard work. That has been the best part of this partnership as far as I can see."


The Farm Stand at the King Street Center has become a new health icon for the community. More people are buying from the Farm Stand and making home goods, instead of buying baked goods from their local grocery stores.


Click here to read the rest of the article.