Every Girl a Winner 
. . and some get a 'Complete Makeover'


All Girls are winners when . . .
- a program serving them reduces teenage pregnancy and girls school dropout 99% in 23 primary schools.

early marriage and pregnancies drop from 240 girls every year to only TWO girls in 2015.

- girls take over the lead in their class academic performance.  

KSHP's innovative girls program is empowering the futures of thousands of Kendu Bay girls. 

"What you people at KSHP are doing for our girls is the best thing that has ever happened in our schools," commented one head teacher. 
"These girls grow up being told, 'You can never amount to anything,'" he continued. "But you came in with Girl Child Club education and helped them learn to VALUE THEMSELVES. Girls' self-confidence has grown so much! These activities make them realize they have potential." 

KSHP Girls Empowerment program relies totally on individual donor funding. Our girls need your continuing support.

Debate Winners Get a 'Complete Makeover'

"Oh! I wish it were me," sighed classmates when they saw Esther's 'Complete Makeover' award of new school dress, white socks and shiny black shoes.   

Esther was among the twelve winners of this year's KSHP Girls Club debates that drew together teams from 23 partner schools.  Competitors earned points for language skills and accuracy of research on topics such as First Aid and Community Service.

From the hundreds of girls who participated, twelve received the coveted grand prize of a Complete Makeover, each in her school's distinctive colors. 

"Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine wearing such a uniform," exclaimed Monica from Yala Primary.  Her classmates all agreed and secretly yearned to see themselves in those new shoes.  KSHP debates have effectively raised the bar for Kendu Bay girls, who have already fixed their eyes on being the best prepared for next year's round of Girls Club debates. 

Help them along with your support of this empowerment program!   

Evaline, Ngeta Primary
Ascar, Kibugu Primary 

2015 Debate Winners 'Makeover' Gallery

Girls Empowerment

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                              Monica, Yala Primary School                                  Jennifer, Otok Primary  
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