Keys to a Child's Kingdom

KSHP's annual BOOKS! donation to 23 primary schools elicited joy from children and gratitude from their teachers.   

Teachers in partner schools now use KSHP-donated readers as primary texts for teaching reading.  This year's advanced readers for Grades 4-8 struck a special chord. 

Boys, feeling forgotten in the attention given Dignity distributions and Girls' Club debates, were particularly pleased. "We want to read and read and read!" exclaimed one boy. 
"I am very happy to see how KSHP has brought back the reading culture in our schools," beamed a headteacher.

"What KSHP does for our children no organization has ever done - not even the government.  We are given 50 shillings (52 cents) per child for textbooks, which is very much too little.  We thank you always!" 

"The Orange Thieves" - a boy's dream come true.

10-year-old Samuel saw his dream come true when the book The Orange Thieves was pulled from the carton.  "Oh, I have longed for that book!" he cried.  Only a few pages had been handed down to him by his brother and he wondered if he ever would be able to read the entire story.  And today, he said, his DREAM CAME TRUE.  The boy pleaded permission to finish reading the story.  With a nod from his teacher, he sat down then and there to discover the fate of those wicked orange thieves.  

Special thanks for contributions that enrich the lives and empower the future of Kendu Bay children through BOOKS!

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