Girls Club Debates

Bigger than Football 


A 'Complete Makeover' awaits the winner of this year's Inter-school Girls Club Debates. The prize of new school uniform, shoes and socks has driven Kendu Bay schoolgirls to serious research and preparation.


Girls Club debates have become bigger news than boys football.  Bigger than anything a Kendu Bay girl has ever experienced: to be noticed for achieving and appreciated for her articulate and well-researched advocacy.  


KSHP Girls Empowerment has reduced girls' school dropout 98% in our partner primary schools.

Before KSHP, over 240 girls dropped from school every year due to early marriage and pregnancy.  In three years, KSHP club education and dignity supplies cut school dropout to only FOUR girls in 2014. 

This stunning outcome shows how an effective program, supported by donor giving, changes lives and empowers a generation.  KSHP volunteer board of directors applies 100% of all donations to program services.  

Round 1 Topic: Gender - The Difference between Sex Roles and Gender Roles.  

Coming up: Minimizing Risky Behavior.




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