Week One Update: 



Otok Millie 
3,000 GIRLS! got a big boost in our first week of GIRLS! Campaign.  And it's not surprising.  With a motto of 
Forward Ever - Backward Never
girls are learning their own value. 


Your donation helps Girls Club mentors affirm young lives.  For the first time, girls are hearing they are IMPORTANT and VALUED and their lives hold POTENTIAL.  They are learning skills that help them STAY SAFE and MAKE BETTER DECISIONS.


In all walks of life, young girls need a Big Sister or a Big Brother to help and guide them along the way.


AND - when a girl daily carries water on her head, walks barefoot to school, sits on a board that serves as her desk, eats no lunch, and hides at home during her menses - that girl REALLY needs a Big Sister or a Big Brother.

ongalo girl



In truth, $1 can changed the world of a Kendu Bay girl.



Just one dollar a day! 


Less than a month's haircut or caring for your pet.




YOU can be that Big Sister or Big Brother 

to girls at a KSHP partner school


 Click HERE


and make a $30/mo recurring donation

or a donation of ANY amount!


Imagine the HUMAN RESOURCES 3,000 wise, educated girls will bring 

to their communities and their nation.


Week Two Goal: a Big Sister or Big Brother for girls at every partner school




"Special thanks to the work of KSHP that deals with the rights of the girl child.  They have done a lot to protect us from dangers of rape, early marriages, school dropouts and misuse by boys and arrogant men.  Our education is now made easier than before."    Daisy Awuor, grade 8



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THANK YOU from our 'FORWARD-looking' GIRLS!


                                                   KSHP Board of Directors