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Proposed rezoning of two square blocks in the Capitol area 
by the Capitol Zoning District Commission 

The Capitol Zoning District Commission is a special planning and zoning commission, which was established by the General Assembly in 1975 to protect the unique character of the State Capitol and Governor's Mansion--areas recognized as the face that the state presents to its citizens and visitors. One of the important responsibilities of the commission is to protect and preserve the character of the historic buildings and neighborhoods within its jurisdiction. For the majestic and historic state capitol, a consistent theme of the Master Plan is to protect the views of the building.


The commission is considering amending the zoning plan for the Capitol area to increase permitted building heights across Woodlane from the capitol. The proposed modifications to the Plan would rezone two square blocks to the southeast of the State Capitol (between 6th and 7th Streets, from Woodlane to Pulaski) from Zone A2 to A1. While the existing Master Plan limits buildings to three stories, the proposed change would allow for the construction of new buildings in this area up to five stories in height. This would intrude on the currently protected view of the capitol building.


The Capitol Zoning District Commission will vote on the proposed rezoning on Thursday, September 29 at 5:30 p.m. at the CZDC office at 410 South Battery Street in Little Rock.


What can you do?

Contact Capitol Zoning District Commissioners and ask them to vote "No" on the proposed rezoning next Thursday.   




Ron Maxwell, Chair

Governor's Representative

501.682.0062 office


Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin or his representative

501.682.1010 office


Solomon Bradford


501.744.6107 cell


Carla Davis


501.680.4313 cell


Albert Hurst

Mansion Area Property Owner

501.374.4177 office


Tommy Jameson

Capitol Area Property Owner

501.666.6600 office


Jo Ellen Maack


501.324.8637 office


Monte Moore

City of Little Rock Representative

501.371.4510 office


Ralph Vines


501.375.4568 home


Quapaw Quarter Association's Position

The Quapaw Quarter Association strongly opposes amending the Capitol Area Master Plan to rezone the two blocks between 6th and 7th from Woodlane to Pulaski from A2 to A1. A main goal of the Capitol Area Framework Master Plan and Design Standards is to establish a distinct identity for the neighborhood that will continue to serve as a foreground for the Capitol and also to enhance it.   This means that key view corridors to the building should be defined and preserved.  Such a rezoning would allow new construction of up to five stories, which would be inconsistent with a key goal and purpose of the Capitol Zoning District Commission to "maintain and enhance views to the Capitol". The area proposed for rezoning is within a defined view corridor; rezoning would open the door for construction that does not maintain views of the Capitol building and dome from I-630, a key entry point into the capital city.


Additionally, the Capitol Area Framework master Plan and Design Standards have been in use for several years and are readily available to the public. The QQA feels that it is not appropriate for the Capitol Zoning District Commission to initiate amendments to the Master Plan to accommodate a specific project. 



About The Quapaw Quarter Association  
The QQA's mission is to promote the preservation of Little Rock's architectural heritage through advocacy, marketing and education.  

Incorporated in 1968, the QQA grew out of an effort to identify and protect significant historic structures in Little Rock during the urban renewal projects of the early 1960s. Throughout its existence, the QQA has been a driving force behind historic preservation in Greater Little Rock.  
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