Gardening, Cooking and Family Fun
Our gardens' director, Jerry Goodspeed, is one of the great teachers who'll be part of two events that will brighten a winter evening and send you home with new ideas and tools for you and your family. Live Well Utah, presented by USU Extension, will be a fun night out for adults where you can choose from four hands-on workshops. Jerry  will lead a workshop on starting seeds indoors, and you'll take away new skills, potting materials and seeds. For more details and pre-registration, click here.
New Plant Guide Ready for Summer Outings
New from USU Extension is Wildflowers & Other Herbaceous Plants of Utah Rangelands, a field guide   showcasing an extensive array of wildflowers, weeds and poisonous plants that are found throughout the state. The guide is available for purchase from the USU Extension shopping cart   where you'll also find other garden and plant guides.  Click here to order now.
Winter is the Time to Plan Your Garden
Now is a great time to browse seed catalogs (in print or online) and  start making plans for this year's yard and garden. Include old favorites in your plan and consider trying something you haven't grown before. The USU Extension Yard and Garden website has an extensive list of vegetable and herbs - from artichokes to watercress - and tips for growing them in Utah. For those tips and other helpful information to  inspire your green thumb and imagination, click here.
USU Gardening Calendar
Our beautiful 2014 USU Gardening Calendar is ready to brighten your home or office and they also make great gifts. The calendar includes helpful seasonal gardening tips, and 12 months of fun and educational activities hosted by the Utah State University Botanical Center and Ogden Botanical Gardens. They are just $5 and all proceeds support gardening education programs. 

Events & Classes

Winter Walk

Strap on snowshoes and take a walk through the Varga Arboretum. Learn how to identify evergreens, discover where  animals go when it snows, and enjoy the atmosphere of winter. Snowshoes provided. 

Cost: $10 per family. (up to 6 members) or $3 pr person

When: January 27, 6:30-8pm

Where: USU Botanical Center Utah House


Plant Propagation Series

Plant Propagation 101 is a comprehensive, hands on, five-class course about producing plants from seed, hard and softwood cuttings, and grafting and budding techniques. 

Cost: $184 members, $200 public

When: The third Thursday of the month from Feb- June

Where: USU Botanical Center Green House


Indoor Gardening

Come in from the cold and enjoy the warmth of the greenhouse. Learn to care for house plants and find out how they can improve air quality. Build and take home a lettuce box where you can grow greens all through the year. 

Cost: $10 per family, $3 individual

When: February 24, 6:30-8pm

Where: USU Botanical Center Greenhouse

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