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It's workshop season and my calendar is seeing more activity.  I have been testing some webinar software that has become valuable.  I can also use this for training and creating training videos.  If you have a group and would like me to present a variety of internet marketing topics, let me know.  Please join my April 6th Facebook Tips seminar (register here) It's completely free and will give you some valuable information on using Facebook for Business. 
Events Coming Up

April 6th.  Kristi from Everyday Aesthetic Solutions will be hosting a conference in MS.  I'll be presenting via on 5 Keys to Facebook Marketing, a new presentation that discusses boosting Fans, Advertising with Facebook and inviting people to like your page when you are not friends.  I hope to be doing more of these webinar type presentations in the future.  If you would like to attend, sign up here.

Check my events page for more upcoming events 

More on Local SEO (search engine optimization)

My frustrations with Google are ongoing. So once I find a way to play nice with them, I want to share it with others.  As I mentioned before, my local SEO listing services is working very well.  Not only is your company information listed correctly on over 50+ websites but Google ranks your site as "authoritative".  This will list your website higher than others because your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citations on the internet are consistent. Organic (non-paid) ranking for your website is important because Google Ad-words can get expensive and you never know when your competitor will outbid you.  So here are some results:

Go to Google and type in "carpet cleaning Peoria" Do you see Steam Green? Kodie was really happy about this service since he was moving to another address, which I updated.  He also keeps track of his 5 star reviews with this service. 

Go back to Google and type in "demolition Peoria" do you see CDO Trucking?  Again, unpaid ranking on the first page of Google.  I love how this works! 

Now with mobile and GPS, it's important to be visible when people are searching locally.  This service is only $100 per month for current clients and a year commitment. Click here to run your own company report. 
Website Magazine wrote a nice article about Local SEO.  Click here to see it.
Social Media Content

We manage many Facebook and social media accounts.  One thing we always struggle with is content.  After a few years of managing these accounts, we found what works.  Pictures, video, and good relevant articles.  So I put together some social media packages that people can purchase.  They are fun, attention getting and easy.  Simply copy and paste the content into Facebook and schedule your posts.  I only have a couple packages but am adding to it.  Take a look  

Here is a sample of the videos that you are purchasing.  Videos provide 75% more engagement than just text. 


More Tools for Productivity
There are so many tools out there for increasing your productivity.  I try to find more tools that you can use, preferably free.  I have these posted on my resources page at

You can purchase your own domain name here too.  Don't forget to list your company in the Free Service Directory.  It's just another way for future clients to find you. 

Just a reminder we have lots of computer parts on the tech side of the store.  Chris is selling a variety of things from phone cases to hard drives to ear buds.  Some music always helps productivity!
Get my books! 
My new book is finally out!  It's available on
Amazon called Managing Your Online Reputation: Owning & Controlling Your Brand.  Click here to purchase!

My other book, Simple Ways to Promote Your Business is on Amazon as well.  Stop by the office and take a look. 

Anyone who signs up for my Local SEO Service will receive a free copy. 
I just want to quickly thank everyone for their business and support. 

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or concerns you have.  I'm happy to start some of these services for you.  Let's discuss it!

Thank you
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