Jack H. Marston Melanoma Research Fund

Our Mission Statement:"We envision a world where every adult and child is aware of the risks of melanoma and takes preventative measures; where those who suffer from melanoma receive comfort and healing; and ultimately, where every case of melanoma will be completely curable." 
"All the best heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary."-Gerard May
August, 2013
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What's Your SPF?
Why They Run
"This Run's For Jack" 10.20.13
FAQ: Unique Donation Race?
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Bags Tournament
Glen Ellyn 4th of July Parade
Dear Friends:

We will defeat this cancer through prevention, awareness, education and research.  Our angel shoe has traveled a great distance in the last ten years.  When Jack was first diagnosed, there was no place for melanoma families to gather, to share stories, to heal and to find strength together.

This isn't a disease that just skips into your life and requires little attention. It hits hard, fights back and is disturbingly sneaky.

We get that. We've been there.

And ... that's why we are with you every step of the way.

Jack's Fund is made up of families whose lives have been changed dramatically due to melanoma and its far-reaching grasp.

Please know ... you are welcome here! 

Sharon Marston
sunscreen bottle - marathon
Runners? ... We'd love to have you run with us! We have marathon slots for New York!  (Chicago is full). 

Supporters? ... Follow the link below and check out what our runners are doing to support the cause! Just leave the boxes blank and click search to check out the runner pages. Read their stories! This is personal!

Even if you do not run or donate, but you have a melanoma story ...
please share it.

Support the Chicago Team - Support the New York Team

A special thank you to KINeSYS for their sunscreen donation to Jack's Marathon Team.
Dawn, Tami and NYPD
Why They Run ...
In memory of Tami Wood-Lively - forever in our hearts.

Dawn Evans returns to New York City in 2013! 


".... This cause is very near and dear to my heart. On  

March 21, 2011, I lost a very special friend, Tami Wood-Lively.  Since diagnosed in November 2010, she courageously battled melanoma; in true Tami style - she never gave up fighting." 


Follow Dawn's 2011 adventures on our Facebook page as she runs the bridges and boroughs and introduces New York City to her friend Tami. 

Dawn will make you smile and touch your heart.
We can hardly wait to hear what she has planned for this year.
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"This Run's For Jack"  
10 YEAR Anniversary 

Over the last ten years, 

our little angel shoe has traveled many miles.



Choose a Team Name and Team Captain then register.

No rosters to turn in - win prizes!  

Follow the memories ... Posting pictures and stories from the last 10 years on our Facebook page.

FAQ: Why is "This Run's for Jack" a donation race and not a set fee? 
At TRFJ, no one walks alone - Read more

**NEW** for Families, Businesses, Realtors, Physicians .... Sponsor a Mile Marker
 Click here to read more.
You are invited: 
Sept 8 - Bags Tournament 
In honor of Jill Darr 
Where:  Hawthorne Woods,
West Chicago
Fee: $30 
(100% of proceeds benefit JacksFund.)
Contact: The Darr Family  
"This September, my family and I will be hosting a Melanoma Benefit at Hawthornes Backyard in West Chicago. It will be a double elimination bags tournament ($30) along with raffles, a bake sale and gift baskets. The reason for my email is because my family and I would love if JacksFund would be apart of this day. You have helped us through our hard times and this is our way of giving back. On the day of the walk we are "The Green Team" and we walk for Jill Darr and all money raised on the day of the tournament will be donated to Jack's Fund in her name." 

4th of July Parade

Record numbers!

Free sunscreen for 5,000 along the route.  

Thank you to all the young leaders and supporters who walked with us in the parade. 

Your participation speaks volumes to others!
#SPF26.2, #Jacksfund, #TRFJ10