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March 2015
                "If you put the Federal government in charge of the Sahara, in five years, there would be a shortage of sand."    --- Milton Friedman              
Laurence Clements
EditorsnoteEditor's note
Spring is here in North America and IIE activity is picking up. There is a lot going in the newsletter with our usual departments and the upcoming IIE Annual Conference. First, we have a very interesting article in our series on nontraditional lean applications with lean in government.
Next, the Annual Conference is shaping up with the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) and Applied Solutions integrating presentation schedules this year to give the attendees more latitude in choosing the events they want to go to. We hope that you are able to attend and to participate in the interesting sessions and networking events. Also in this issue we are introducing the finalists in the Applied Solutions Best Practice Award Competition. We invite you to attend their final presentations at the conference. And last but not least, there is an update on the student career development panel discussion to be conducted at the conference.

Warmest regards, 

Larry Clements, Lean Division Newsletter editor

LeaninGovernmentIntroduction for Lean in Government
Traditional government organizations have never been associated with "efficiency." Their primary objectives are to regulate and control, not manage efficiently. They are a classic example of a monopoly service. When there is no competition, there is little incentive to become more efficient. Up until a few years ago, the solution has been to simply increase taxes or to borrow more money. Continue reading

Feature Article
Lean for Sustainable Local Government and School Districts 
By Brad Hollingsworth, P.E. and Dale Masel, Ph.D. 


The Burning Platform for Lean 

Rising costs, stagnant tax revenues, and a decreasing population stranded Ohio's local schools and government entities on a burning platform, which produced an urgency to develop operational efficiencies (Ross and Keen 2012). Richard Ross, Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Ohio Department of Education, and Timothy Keen, Director for Ohio's Office of Budget and Management, collaborated on a study and recommendations for improving the efficiency and services of Ohio's local schools and government. Read this enlightening article in its entirety  



Register early, by April 5, to get the early bird discount

Register http://www.iienet2.org/Annual2


Finalists for Lean Best Practice Awards

MD Sarder, Ph.D., has been busy coordinating the Lean Best Practice award. After reviewing submissions from one of the largest and most innovative group of candidates the division has received in years, the selection committee chose six finalists to compete for the award by presenting their projects at the IIE Annual Conference. The winning team will receive a plaque and banquet tickets, and runners-up will receive banquet tickets. Be sure to attend the presentations to see what is being done in lean today. Anyone who is interested in being a judge to contact MD Sarder.
View the finalists

  ELSSPresent to process improvement practitioners, educators, researchers and students - submit your abstract now for the Engineering Lean & Six Sigma (ELSS) Conference, Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in Atlanta, Ga. Share your lean and Six Sigma expertise at ELSS 2015, presented in collaboration with the Lean Educator Conference. Submissions are being accepted through April 15 within the applications, research, or education tracks. 


WebinarExplore Process Mapping During Webinar

Whether you're a Six Sigma green belt, a black belt, or someone tasked with capturing organizational processes, this webinar is for you! Fred Johnstone, a consultant and lean Six Sigma master black belt, will review how to apply different levels of process mapping to individual work activities during a free webinar on Thursday,April 23. He will cover strategic, operational and tactical mapping in relation to business, industrial, medical and educational organizations. The webinar previews the type of content presented at the Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference and is open to nonmembers. Invite your colleagues to participate in this practical discussion of process mapping.

StudentCareerStudent Career Development 
Watch out for this year's Student Career Development Panel Discussion at the 2015 IIE Annual Conference! 
The student population is the future of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and to ensure that the special interests of the large undergraduate and graduate student body is recognized, the 2015 conference will include the Second Student Career Development Panel Discussion
Read more about the panel discussion

DefinitionsFeatured Lean definitions 


A radical change, during a limited time, of a production system. Often means that an entire business is changed radically, normally always in the form of a project. Kaikaku is most often initiated by management, since the change as such and the result will significantly impact business. Sometimes call a kaizen blitz.  

The systematic, organized improvement of processes by those who operate them, using straightforward methods of analysis. It is a "do it now" approach to continuous incremental improvement to create more value with less muda. Kaizen establishes what needs to be done and instills the principles of continuous improvement. Also call point kaizen, process kaizen or blitz. 


Click here for lean definitions 

ExpertAsk the Expert: Lean
How do I convince my leaders and associates to practice lean? 


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