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May 2014
AnnualConferenceIIE Annual Conference and Expo 2014 - Montréal, Canada
We look forward to seeing you in Montréal soon for the largest industrial and systems engineering event of the year!
Conference dates:  May 31 - June 3 

nullThe conference program comprises two types of sessions: Applied Solutions, showcasing proven solutions and applications from industry, and the Industrial & Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC), featuring research from academia and industry scholars.


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You will leave this conference rejuvenated and filled with fresh ideas you can put to use immediately. Take the best and re-energize your career with new ways to address your most challenging issues. The conference program is sure to provide you with countless ideas and solutions that translate into improved efficiency, productivity, quality and competitiveness for your organization. There are many events happening at the same time, so plan your time well. The ISERC and Applied Solutions sessions are timed so that they start and end at times that allow you to attend sessions in both programs.    
UpcomingwebinarUpcoming webinar 

The Evolution of Lean - From Cars to Chemicals to Supply Chains and Beyond
Presented by Process Industries Division

June 26 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Peter L. King, president, Lean Dynamics LLC

What is known around the world today as Lean began with Toyota in the 1950s. The tremendous competitive advantage and the dominant business position it has given them has caused more and more manufacturers, supply chains, entire enterprises, and non-manufacturing business to try to emulate Toyota. This presentation will give highlights from that evolution and give examples of how lean principles have been successfully applied to non-traditional areas of application: process industry manufacturing, supply chains, and service industries such as healthcare.

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LeanSixSigmaEngineering Lean Six Sigma Conference 2014 - Orlando, FL
Improve your lean and Six Sigma implementation or training
Reduce costs and improve quality at your organization, whether you're in manufacturing, energy, government, healthcare, retail, academia, or any myriad of industries. Get exclusive access to thought leaders on the latest innovations and techniques to improve quality and efficiency.

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StudentCornerStudent Corner

IIE 2014 Annual Conference: IIE Young Professionals needed to participate in Student Panel Discussion 

Call for participationIIE Conference 2014 Panel Discussion The IIE Lean Division is looking for several volunteers to serve on a 1-hour panel discussion during our upcoming 2014 IIE Annual Conference being held in Montreal, Canada.  We are looking for some young professionals with up to 1-2 years of experience working in industry or academia to help answer questions from our IIE student audience regarding career advice and guidance from those IE graduates who have recently entered the workforce.  Questions will be presented to the panel from the panel session chairperson and primarily from our student audience, and will center on lessons learned, tips and helpful suggestions for those students who are about to enter the work place. Those interested in serving on this important panel should send an email that includes your name and contact information to: Michael Testani and Tina Agustiady. This will be a great opportunity for you to help support our IIE student community by providing them with your valuable experiences and guidance. Thank you in advance for your interest!  
LinkedinLinkedin and Lean

Connect with the LinkedIn IIE Lean Division group!

The IIE Lean Division now has a LinkedIn group up & running! Our group is a subgroup of the IIE LinkedIn group, and is a great place to virtually network, learn, and share with other lean practitioners from various backgrounds and across different industries. We have nearly 400 members and are looking forward to welcoming more members. If you have not yet joined the group, click here to do so. The quality of this LinkedIn group is truly a member-driven effort, so here are some quick tips on making this group a value-added resource for everyone.

FeaturedBookFeatured book  

SUSTAINABILITY: Utilizing Lean Six Sigma Techniques
By Tina Agustiady and Adedeji B. Badiru 

Although most agree that lean Six Sigma is here to stay, they also agree that learning how to sustain the results seems problematic at best and unattainable at worst. Reverting to the old way of doing things is inevitable if sustainability measures are not a part of the methodology. Currently there is no standard resource on how to be sustainable or on using statistical techniques and practices. Until now. Sustainability: Utilizing Lean Six Sigma Techniques not only examines how to use particular lean Six Sigma tools, but how to sustain results that make companies profitable with continuous improvement. Read more about the book  
LeanDefinitionsFeatured Lean definitions   

Acceptance sampling 
Sampling inspection in which decisions are made to accept or not to accept a lot (or other grouping of product, material, or service) based on the results of a sample or samples selected from that lot (see "Sampling Inspection"). Notes:

  1. The alternative to acceptance is often termed "rejection" for the purpose of the definition. In practice, however, the alternative may take some form other than outright rejection.
  2. In lot-by-lot sampling, acceptance and rejection relate to individual lots. In continuous sampling, acceptance and rejection relate to individual units or to blocks of consecutive units, depending on the stated procedure.


The closeness of agreement between a test result and the accepted reference value. Note: The term accuracy, when applied to a set of test results, involves a combination of random components and a common systematic error or bias component.


AsktheExpertAsk the Expert: Lean
How does the Institute of Industrial Engineers define "lean manufacturing"?

I work as an industrial engineer and I'm leading an improvement that changes our strategy for product fulfillment from what we produce to how much we produce to where and how we inventory the finished goods. One of the goals is to increase our inventory accuracy through the reduction of inventory moves and transactions. Is there any data that supports the idea when your transactions and movements decrease, your inventory accuracy will increase?

The Lean Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers is continuously searching for new material to provide to its membership. If you would like to contribute and see your articles in the newsletter and on the website, please submit your article to Tina Agustiady, director of the IIE Lean Newsletter at tinaagustiady@gmail.com.  

Articles should be approximately three to four pages in length. It should be single-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman and in Word format. Graphs, diagrams, pictures and charts can also be included. Please also include a two or three sentence biography; however, they must be in a separate file and saved as a .jpg file. Contact information can be included at your discretion.

We welcome your input. Please send submissions and feedback to Tina Agustiady, Director of the Newsletter at
tinaagustiady@gmail.com. Please include "Lean e-Newsletter" in the subject line of your message.

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