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February 2014
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HSPI Conference 2014 webinar rescheduled

The free webinar "Best Practices in Management Engineering" will take place at 2 p.m. Eastern time TODAY!  Click here to register for this preview of the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2014.

NEW SHS Board members and president-elect   




 Please join us in welcoming your new president-elect and directors!

By Dr. Michael Murphy in the Western Pennsylvania Healthcare New

This article promotes using scribes as a cost-effective alternative to adding physician, nurse practitioners, or physician assistant staffing in the emergency department.


What do past attendees say about the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference?


"We put together a game-changing approach to how people deliver care in emergency departments from a single SHS [conference presentation]. It came out of this burning platform to do something more after [Hurricane] Katrina." (Dr. Joseph Guarisco, Department of Emergency Medicine for Ochsner in New Orleans, 2013 HSPI keynote presenter)

If you are in need of game-changing tools and strategies for your healthcare organization, look no further than the 26th annual Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference.
It's not too late to register to join your industry peers to gain cutting-edge knowledge and insight into current best practices. Don't miss this premier industry event on Feb. 21-24 in Orlando, Fla. Register now.

Developing a cost-effective pressure-ulcer prevention program in an acute-care setting

By Tamera L. Brown, MS, RN, ACNS-BC, CWON, and Jessica Kitterman, BSN, RN, CWOCN, Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital

This article in the Wound Care Advisor is a case study describing a cost-effective pressure-ulcer program in a 350-bed acute care hospital. The authors report that the program they put in place is saving over $2 million annually.
Members approve bylaws change

Due to the Society's relationship with IIE, many of the treasurer functions are supported by IIE staff. The bylaws update changed the treasurer position from a required non-voting member of the board to an optional position to serve at the discretion of the president. Members voted and the bylaws change passed.

Career makeover: Shaking off a shy image

By Sue Shellenbarger in the Wall Street Journal  

This article describes how one self-described introvert addressed a perception of shyness and increased his influence at work.
By Jessica Hensler and Charles DeBusk, M.S.I.E., M.B.B., Universal Health Services, Inc.
This was a presentation at the 2013 SHS Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference

Hospitals and health systems spend millions of dollars to acquire and meaningfully use certified EMRS and EHRS nationwide. This presentation from the 2013 SHS Healthare Systems Process Improvement Conference describes a for-profit health system's experience in deploying efficient workflows that lead to increased acceptance and usuage by physicians and other stakeholders to realize many benefits including receiving CMS incentives. 

SHS Membership Recognition - Joyce T. Siegele

Recognized for significant professional career promotion/advancement, Joyce T. Siegele has been promoted to director of productivity management at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. She was promotede from the role of productivity improvement manager.


By Deirdre E. Mylod and Thomas H. Lee

The authors posit that the time has come to deconstruct suffering by breaking it down into meaningful categories that reflect the experience of patients and help caregivers identify opportunities to reduce it. The authors propose a framework for major types of patient suffering so that health care providers can organize themselves to address suffering more effectively.

Our daily blood - how can labs tackle utilization of high-
volume, low-cost tests?

Clinical Laboratory News  

This article describes several strategies several hospitals around the country, including Cleveland Clinic, are using to reduce over-utilization of routine lab.

Society for Health Systems to appear at HIMSS14

Orlando welcomes the 2014 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, February 23-27, 2014, at the Orange County Convention Center. More than 35,000 healthcare industry professionals are expected to attend to discuss health IT issues and view innovative solutions designed to transform healthcare. The Society for Health Systems is proud to support this annual event that helps health IT professionals find the right solutions for their organizations. Read more
Reducing patient charges by eliminating amylase from lab panels - HBR Blog Network

One hospital was able to reduce patient charges by over $300,000 annually by reducing the frequency of amylase and lipase testing for ED patients with abdominal pain and other conditions.

This poster presented at the 2013 Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference describes a staff-driven approach for improving patient care in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).  Thanks to Mark Graban for identifying this poster.

SHS Member Milestones 

Congratulations! Please join us in congratulating members for their Orange thank you continued service and membership with the Society for Health Systems


View members who have completed milestone years of service to the society in the month of January 2014.

IFORS 2014: July 13-18, Barcelona, Spain

IFORS 2014 will have a special session that will focus on advanced operations research methods/solutions that create value for healthcare providers. Contact Tarun Mohan Lal at

if you're interested.

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