May 2014Newsletter Editor: Emilie Gerhart 

An education cliche - that isn't a cliche

By Lew Cox

Every person reading this verbiage has probably been in anywhere from one to several classes where the professor/teacher has solemnly intoned, "You need to be a lifelong learner." At the time, if you were like me, you probably thought some version of "Yeah, yeah," and didn't put the comment down in your most important notes. The phrases "lifelong learner" and "lifelong learning" have been used so often in education circles that they have become a cliché. Yet, they aren't one.

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Looking at Value-Added Activities within Time Management

By Emilie Gerhart 

Imagine yourself to be an industrial engineering professional. Trust me. You conquer every problem and disturbance on the job with an IE mentality. You eliminate the waste and remove non value added activities. You make things safer and reduce cycle time. Now, think about how you handle your life outside of your job tasks. Are those actions value added?   Full article

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Professional Chapters

Spring Safety

By Emilie Gerhart

Spring is in the air. Whether you embark on spring cleaning or not, there are a few important hazards that the National Safety Council wants you to be aware of this upcoming season.

The warmer weather marks an increase in outdoor activities. While partaking in these hobbies and pastimes, mind your head and take care to minimize traumatic brain injuries. Read more

Resume Upgrades

By Emilie Gerhart

Is your resume updated? It's challenging to keep such a dynamic document up to date due to the constant addition of experience and knowledge. However, there are a few key spots on your resume you should take a look at to make sure you are always ready for any opportunity.

Debra Auerbach from Career Builder put together a concise list made up of five important areas on a resume. She begins with the basics: Contact information. If you consistently breeze over the first part of your resume, it might be a good idea to review this and check for your current phone number and e-mail address while checking for typos simultaneously. Debra also notes that you should have a professional e-mail address and should register for a new account if needed.

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