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October 2013

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
                                                                                  ---Albert Einstein
SixSigmaConferenceThank you!

Thank you for making the Engineering and Lean Six Sigma (ELSS) 2013 Conference a success! Thank you for attending the ELSS 2013 Conference and making it another successful networking and learning event. We hope you found the sessions valuable and had ample opportunity to connect with colleagues and peers from around the world. The conference had a significant turnout with more than 50 presentations focused on Lean & Six Sigma shared over multiple parallel tracks. The different panel discussions at the conference were engaging and continued well beyond the allocated time. The three keynote speeches talked the attendees through various personal and professional experiences of the speakers on the application of lean and six sigma concepts in lean and Six Sigma.

Make sure to check the conference website for all the latest conference updates, and we're glad you enjoyed Atlanta! Also, feel free to check for updates on the IIE Lean Division group on Linkedin.

UpcomingWebinar Upcoming webinar 

Sponsored Lean Division and Construction Division!

: Lean Selling 
Dec. 3 
 2 p.m. Eastern time 
 Sean Gillespie - Client Value Leader, United Kingdom and Ireland, IBM and Michael Testani Learning Consultant & Portfolio Manager + Master Black Belt, IBM Learning- WW Path Forward & Smart Lean Initiative  
Lean Selling provides new and experienced sales professionals, and their management team, with a structured and fact-based approach for improving sales close rates and delivering confirmed business value to your customers. 
Using the principles of lean during the sales cycle provides proven techniques to:  
  • Qualify and document a client's unique business problem and goal.
  • Develop sales proposals using storyboarding and continuous client validation of sales progression and client value.
  • Improve sales team collaboration
  • Manage sales process performance using three-dimensional measurement systems that look beyond revenue to include client value and process effectiveness.

Lean Selling enables an organization with the ability to provide unparalleled client value. By combining the "science of lean" with the "art of selling" we enable continuous improvement and increased focus on quantitative measurement and collaboration with customers to confirm value. 

BestPracticeThe Lean Best Practice Award 2014 


The Lean Division of IIE launches its fourth industry best practice award and hence invites application from organizational teams for the Lean Best Practice Award 2014. The Lean Best Practice Award recognizes organizations for innovative and effective implementation of Lean principles and practices that deliver exemplary business performance improvement. Every year IIE conducts the award competition to promote successful implementation of Lean by recognizing best in class industries and sharing their stories with others. This is a very prestigious award for a team and their industry. The award will be bestowed to the top three teams and be presented at the upcoming IIE Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada, May 31-June 4, 2014.


Click here for information and nomination form

StudentPaperStudent Paper Competition

Information on the award:

This award is given in honor of Dr. J.T Black and the late Carol S. Black. Dr. Black is an emeritus Professor at Auburn University and a renowned scholar in manufacturing processes and lean.The Student Paper Competition will be held each year to honor outstanding papers in the field of lean research and practices. The papers shoulddemonstrate or describe the use of techniques such as simulation, leanprinciple implementation, alternative designs, Kaizen implementation, etc.Both undergraduate and graduate students and design teams are invited tosubmit papers. The awards include $600 and complimentary annual conference registration and Honors & Awards Banquet ticket (first place), $300 (second place) and $100 (third place).Students are invited to submit their entry to this award. As part of this award process students will have to submit an ethical statement on the authenticity of research.


For more information on the award 

LeanTeachingLean Teaching Award


IIE's lean division offers a number of awards to recognize the contribution of individuals to advancing the knowledge and practice of lean concepts. The lean division's teaching award is given out annually to honor the services of a person/group of people who have developed curriculum and disseminated courses in the subject area. The lean division now invites nominations for the sixth Lean Teaching Award. The 2014 award will be presented at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo May 31-June 3, 2014, in Montreal, QC, Canada.

For information and nomination form 

DefinitionsFeatured Lean definitions   

An explanation of description of the facts and circumstances that produce a result, the cause and effect for which the contractor claims entitlement to compensation from the owner of the contract.
Two bin system

A type of fixed order system in which inventory is carried in two bins. A replacement quantity is ordered when the first bin is empty. When the material is received, the reserve bin is refilled and the excess is put into the working bin. This term is also used loosely to describe any fixed order system even when physical "bins" do not exist.

Value analysis

Review of product costs to evaluate contribution to product value. May include phases of work design, methods engineering, and motion economy to reduce manufacturing costs. May include phases of work simplification and brainstorming to evaluate use of alternate materials, components, or work specifications.


ExpertAsk the Expert: Lean  

Determining capacity

I am working at a sheet metal HVAC fabrication plant. The majority of jobs are custom fabrications. The company has no idea what it can produce per day in pounds of metal. What is the best way to determine capacity? There is no historical data available for reference. In the same plant, jobs are scheduled according to customer due date. What is the best way to approach this issue?
What's world-class?

I am familiar with lean manufacturing, just-in-time manufacturing, and quick-response manufacturing. Where does world-class manufacturing fit in?


SubmitanarticleSubmit an Article
The Lean Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers is continuously searching for new material to provide to its membership. If you would like to contribute and see your articles in the newsletter and on the website, please submit your article to Tina Agustiady, director of the IIE Lean Newsletter at tinaagustiady@gmail.com.


Articles should be approximately three to four pages in length. It should be single-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman and in Word format. Graphs, diagrams, pictures and charts can also be included. Please also include a two or three sentence biography; however, they must be in a separate file and saved as a .jpg file. Contact information can be included at your discretion.

We welcome your input. Please send submissions and feedback to Tina Agustiady, Director of the Newsletter at
tinaagustiady@gmail.com. Please include "Lean e-Newsletter" in the subject line of your message.


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