November 2013                                                                                                                   Volume 1
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IIE needs your help in celebrating members who are leaders in the field. IIE honors and awards recognize achievement in the field of industrial engineering through leadership, teaching, research, service, or academic pursuit.  Show your appreciation by nominating a colleague, peer, or student member for an IIE award. 
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.  All nominations are due December 1, 2013.

President' message  

John Corliss
Greetings partners,
Six years ago at the New England Regional IIE Conference, I gave a presentation on my work applying Industrial Engineering training and tools to address sustainable social, environmental and disaster recovery needs. The response from students who loved the IE approach to problem solving but were more interested in addressing societal than business issues was overwhelming. The following year my similar presentation at the IIE Annual Conference inspired then IIE board member Gloria Bender to advocate for IIE to make sustainability a new focal point.
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Meet the Sustainable Development Division Board of Directors

The division's board of directors share a passion for and a commitment to our division's mission and have a fundamental responsibility for policies and procedures that support good governance of the division. As the board of directors are responsible for the overall health and effectiveness of the organization, they need your input and ideas. Feel free to contact any board member at any time.


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Sustainability Service Projects 2013

At this year's conference in San Juan the Sustainable Development Division coordinated a volunteering event for the Saturday before the conference as an opportunity to give back to the community that hosted our annual IIE event. We hope to continue to have a volunteering activity as a tradition at all subsequent IIE Annual Conferences. This year we partnered with a local nonprofit called Scuba Dogs Society to clean up a beach in Loiza, Puerto Rico.  



During the short afternoon we spent cleaning the beach, Scuba Dogs and IIE managed to pick up 480.6 pounds of garbage across a half mile of coastline! Efforts such as this can both help the environment as well as stimulate the local economy, not to mention it was a fun way to spend the afternoon enjoying the outdoors and networking with fellow IIE members.
Nominees for Sustainability in Teaching Award  

The Sustainable Development Division recognizes the contribution of an individual advancing the knowledge and practice of sustainability in the field of industrial engineering. Nominations may be made by a faculty colleague, or a student who has taken the course from the candidate. The nomination package must consist of the following: 

  • The candidate must be a member of IIE.
  • Letters of support from the nominator and two other individuals; at least one of the three letters must be from a faculty member and one from a student who enrolled and completed the course.
  • Course syllabus and supporting items such as samples of different instructional materials used
  • Summary copies of teaching evaluations for the course he/she is being recognized
  • Curriculum Vitae of the candidate
  • A one-page teaching statement and philosophy by the individual being nominated  

Nominations are due Dec. 15 

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Innovation spotlight 


New strides are being made in the field of solar power as the Dow Chemical company has seen success in its initiative to make solar a more convenient option in the residential market. The product of this initiative is the DOW POWERHOUSE solar shingle.

The solar shingle is, as it sounds, a combination of a solar panel and a roof shingle; and performs the function of both. The shingles serve to protect the roof and are installed in lieu of traditional shingles but provide the additional benefit of producing energy for the home. The shingles are installed in arrays ranging in size based on the customers preference and can be seamlessly integrated with traditional shingles (pictured below). Power produced by the home that is not used is cycled back into the grid and the home owner is given a rebate applied to their electric bill. To learn more about the Powerhouse shingle visit


Call for Speakers!  

We want to create great Sustainable Development sessions for our Division Members and others attending the 2014 IIE Annual Conference next May and you could be a key to that!  You may be surprised to know that people may be very interested to learn about what you are doing.


If you are involved as a researcher or a practitioner in:

  • sustainable corporate development,
  • sustainable government and non-government (NGO) organization development,
  • sustainable community development,
  • sustainable environmental development, or
  • sustainable community response and recovery from natural and man-made disasters

Then we encourage you to submit an abstract for consideration as we put together the tracks for the 2014 conference.  Submitting your abstract online is easy and fast at    


The ISERC Track will focus on research, and presentations will be approximately 20 minutes in length.


The Applied Solutions Track will present lessons learned, and you can choose to make a 35 or 75 minute presentation.


IE skills are being applied to research on and the implementation of solutions to some of the most difficult challenges of our time - such as sustainable business practices, global warming, renewable energy, community development, disaster response, environmental management, education and public health.  Whether your passion is sustainable business and innovation, economic sustainability, energy, water resources, governance, lean and green or some other topic, we look forward to your contributions to the sustainability tracks next year!


Abstracts are due November 22, 2013.

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