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By Frank Overfelt, MBA, Delta Healthcare Consulting Group

This session defines the importance of ROI in documenting project success; highlight the various quantitative components of ROI such as cost avoidance, cost savings, efficiency savings, and revenue enhancement. In addition the qualitative aspects of benefits realization will be presented such as patient safety/risk avoidance, qualitative enhancements, and policy and practice innovations.

Tackling low patient satisfaction scores - making big gains in short order, from Today's Hospitalist

A recent article describes how a 30-bed medical unit at DePaul Health Center in St. Louis raised patient satisfaction scores from less than 10 percent to more than 90 percent in one year by physicians and nurses focusing on the discharge process.

Mark Graban, author of the books Lean Hospitals, Healthcare Kaizen, and The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen, interviews Joseph Guarisco, M.D., ED chair at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans, La., and chair of the AAEM Operations Management Committee. Both Graban and Dr. Guarisco are SHS members. Dr. Guarisco was a keynote speaker at the recent SHS Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference and Mark Graban has been a frequent presenter and contributor to SHS conferences and activities.

Call for nominations for the SHS Board of Directors

The SHS Nominating Committee is making a call for applications for two dynamic directors whose terms will begin Feb. 25, 2014. All nominees must be current, regular members of SHS. Students are not eligible.Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to serve your society in a significant way. If not you, then perhaps someone you know is qualified to take a leadership position on the SHS Board.

Appointment scheduling with overbooking to mitigate productivity loss from no-shows


By Linda R. LaGanga, Mental Health Center of Denver and Stephen R. Lawrence, Leeds School of Business - University of Colorado

Overbooking appointments mitigates the lost productivity caused by no-shows, but increases patient wait time and provider overtime. In this paper,simulation analysis is used to develop and test the performance of scheduling rules that are designed specifically to accommodate excess overbooked appointments. The authors' analysis provides new insights into rules that perform well to increase provider productivity while balancing the increased waiting time and overtime costs of overbooked schedules.

Observed reduction of MRSA following implementation of pulsed xenon ultraviolet disinfection, a hand hygiene campaign, and MRSA screening

By Melissa Morgan, B.S.N., Teresa Hopkins, B.S.N., Kim Helsabeck, Julie Stachowiak, Ph.D., and Mark Stibich, Ph.D., - Cone Health, Greensboro, N.C.

This poster describes several methods for screening for and reducing MRSA infections in hospitals.


By Isaac Mitchell, East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Making the transition from college life to the professional workforceGraduation hat/diploma   can be a challenge for many new grads. By better understanding what organizations are looking for and avoiding common pitfalls you can set yourself up for a smooth transition and successful career. This presentation from the 2013 SHS Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference includes tips on things to avoid when looking for a job, performing effectively at your job and preparing for a prosperous career.

Atlanta area networking session and panel discussion

Mark your calendar for Friday, Oct. 11 to attend a networking session and panel discussion at Maggiano's Little Italy located at 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road in Atlanta. A panel will discuss the role of improvement professionals in solving the top challenges facing healthcare in the next three years. The event will start at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time with networking for 30 minutes. Then, a delicious three-course Italian lunch will be served during the panel discussion.

Following the panel discussion and lunch, there will be more time for networking. The event is scheduled to end at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time.

More details

By Matt Horn and Laura Flood, Indianapolis VA Medical Center
This presentation at the 2013 SHS Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference describes how the Indy VA implemented daily huddles as part of a continuous daily improvement. Results to date include over 500 improvements in our pilot sites for the daily huddles.

Best practices in respiratory care productivity and staffing - a white paper from the American Association of Respiratory Care

This White Paper is intended to provide additional guidance to AARC members and to health care institutions and other providers to ensure that respiratory care productivity and staffing levels are provided within acceptable standards of practice recognized by the profession and that patient safety is protected.

By Alan Sullivan, Michael S. Smith Sr. (Col. USAF Ret.), Mary Ann Derr and W. Patrick Davey, M.D.
This article from The American Institute of Architects describes different aspects of organizational operations that can be impacted by taking a lean approach for improvement.
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