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Call for submissions!  Submit your abstract for the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2014.  Click here to submit your abstract now!   Submission deadline is Aug. 9.


By Dr. Phil Oravetz, MD, MPH, MBA and Adam J. Kelchlin, MEIE, MBA, PMP, LSSBB; Ochsner Health System


This paper and presentation delivered at the 2013 Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference describes work done in the Ochsner Health System to reduce orthopedic joint replacement costs and improve quality for the patient. High quality care at an affordable cost is an attainable goal that is both in the best interest of the patient and the healthcare system. Driving value through minimization of clinical variation enabled OHS to meet a higher standard of patient care while ensuring the long-term financial stability of the organization.

 IIE member research abstract promoted via YouTube

IIE Member and doctoral student Avinash Konkani is featured in a YouTube video describing research he is doing to reduce noise and medical device alarm fatigue. Avinash is attending Oakland University and is doing research at Crittenton Hospital in Rochester, Mich. Avinash is also a member of the SHS Newsletter committee.

Management tools for internists, designing the patient schedule 


By the Center for Practice Improvement and Innovation 


This article describes best practices for setting up a productive internal medicine clinic. Many of the practices described in this article can be applied for improved throughput and patient satisfaction in other types of ambulatory clinics.


                                   Call for submissions!

 Submit your abstract now for the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2014

Click here to submit your abstract now!
Submission deadline is
Aug. 9.


Health systems cannot survive without focusing on process improvement for better quality, productivity and efficiency. In the current environment, the healthcare industry is struggling with skyrocketing costs, poor quality and widespread dissatisfaction, both from the public and from employees. This conference will feature best practices for healthcare industry decision makers and providers seeking ways to lower costs and increase service.

Patient and resource scheduling of multi-step medical procedures in nuclear medicine  

By Eduardo Perez
y Lewis Ntaimoy, and Wilbert E. Wilhelm, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Texas A&M University; Carla R. Baileyz and Peter McCormackz, Scott and White Health System.

Managing patients in nuclear medicine departments is a very challenging problem with limited research reported in the literature. The complexity involved in this health care setting makes this problem unique. In this paper, the authors derive and implement algorithms for scheduling nuclear medicine patients and resources.

By Darrin Judkins and Norman Pimintel, Boulder Community Hospital

This presentation at the 2013 Healthcare Systems Process

Improvement Conference provides a case study in the use of vertical value streams for large, complex improvements.  Vertical value streams are a multi-layered value stream approach using rigorous project management.  Boulder Community Hospital applied this methodology to the opening a Patient Centered Medical Home.

Mark Graban and co-author Joseph Swartz just released the new book, The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen. The book is a companion book to Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements. The new book is an introduction to kaizen principles and an overview of the leadership behaviors and mindsets required to create a culture of continuous improvement. Healthcare Kaizen includes more than 200 full color images, more than 100 real kaizen examples from various health systems around the world, and an introduction by Gary Kaplan, M.D., the CEO of Virginia Mason Medical Center.

Case study series on pneumonia care improvement measures: Improvement strategies of top-performing hospitals   


The following synthesis of performance improvement strategies is based on a case study series published on The Commonwealth Fund website, The hospitals profiled in this series were identified based on their performance on the pneumonia care improvement measures that are reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Please see the case studies for a full description of the selection methodology.

SHS members in the news 

100x100RudySantacroce Rudy Santacroce has just accepted a new position for CHRISTUS Health as a system director of performance effectiveness. In Rudy's new role he will serve as the system subject matter expert in process improvement for an international healthcare organization comprised of 60 hospitals, 175 outpatient clinics and 350 service facilities throughout the United states, Chile and Mexico


100x100BrianNathanson Brian H. Nathanson, Ph.D. was recently awarded Diplomate status by the Institute of Industrial Engineer's Society of Healthcare Systems. Presently, Dr. Nathanson has been chief executive officer of OptiStatim LLC, a healthcare consulting firm that he co-founded, for 10 years. Brian is also the current president of the Central Connecticut chapter of IIE.


Brandon Charette Brandon Charette just accepted a position as the Operational Performance Coordinator for Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Brandon has more than eight years experience as an industrial engineer, project manager, and consultant, with a focus in productivity, lean methodologies, operational performance and analytics.

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