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June 2013                                         

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 Over 1600 attendees at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2013 
in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Next up in 2014 - Montreal, CANADA!
IIE Excellence Awards - Professional chapters

The Chapter Activity Report (CAR) is the basis for the Professional Chapter Recognition Program recognizing chapter improvements and progress. IIE takes great pride in rewarding professional chapters for chapter excellence in membership growth, quality of programs, participation in volunteer leadership development, student chapter support, strategic planning and other accomplishments.

                                     GOLD Award                                     
Greater Kansas City
IIE Costa Rica
IIE South Jersey Delaware Valley

Los Angeles (CA)

National Capital (DC)

Twin Cities (MN)


SILVER Award  
Detroit (MI)
Central Connecticut 


Bay Area/Silicon Valley
Chicago (IL)
Dallas-Fort Worth
Long Island (NY)
Puget Sound


Award of Merit
Central Arkansas (AR)
Central Florida
Dayton (OH)
Richmond (VA)
Rochester (NY)
Toledo (OH)




Chapter dues rebate checks

Chapter dues rebate checks will be mailed to professional and student chapters in September.
  • Professional chapters: September checks are for May through August activity
  • Student chapters: September checks are for January through August activity
  • Only green and yellow chapters are eligible to receive dues checks. Checks for red chapters are withheld until the minimum requirements have been met.
  • Checks will only be held for one pay period.
  • Checks must be deposited within 90 days and will not be reissued after that time period.
University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) has an impressive year

REntertainment: A Safari entertainment trip was organized for all industrial engineering faculty and students. It included all kinds of activities like camel riding, dune bashing, a barbecue, henna, and a lot more. It was a great way for students to connect with the faculty and break the ice with fellow students as well. 

Social, outreach, educational event:
A three day French week was organized by the students in order to educate students about the French culture. The first day hosted informative seminars and presentations that informed students about studying in France, about the French culture, university and courses available, and the requirements of studying in a university in France. There were also social activities such as watching French movies and a jazz concert with musicians from France.

Expand students' knowledge in the industrial engineering field: The reading club was an initiative to help expand students' knowledge in different fields of industrial engineering. Students pick a book to read and select topics. On an interval of fortnight meetings, students share and discuss what they have read and help each other understand different concepts.

The chapter also held a database seminar, organized an ABET meeting with students, participated in the National day, organized the Dark Night Festival, and held a seminar on multicriteria decision making tools.

Students and faculty members attend French Culture Week

Congratulations to the UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH on a great 2012!

Student Chapter Recognition Awards will be listed in the next issue of Chapter Leader News.
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These recorded webinars are helpful to new officers in completing  documents for submittal to Headquarters:
For professional chaptersThe 2012 CAR Step-by-Step
Six GOLD student chapters presented Best Practice Presentations at the IIE 2013 Annual Conference and Expo held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you could not attend the conference, these presentations will be highlighted in upcoming issues of Chapter Leader News.
Record number of faculty advisors attend meeting at IIE Annual Conference and Expo in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Joe Wilck
Joe Wilck

Faculty advisors of IIE student chapters met in San Juan. The meeting was led by Joe Wilck, IIE Vice-President of Student Development. In attendance to welcome the group were Don Greene, IIE CEO; Dennis Oates, President-Elect IIE; Michael Foss, VP of Regional Operations and Heather Bradley, IIE Director of Membership. 

Joe Wilck recognized Larry Aft, IIE Director of Continuing Education & Program Development, who reviewed IIE training and certification course offerings with particular emphasis on  "IIE on-campus " and how to schedule for IIE to bring training to a campus.
Also discussed were the UCAR, regional conferences (with particular emphasis on fundraising), creation of alumni chapters, and around- the-room concerns.
Charters and Reactivations


South West Asia 
IIE Turkey Professional Chapter 
Central and South America Region
Konrad Lorenz IIE Chapter (Colombia)
Mexico Region
Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Huetamo
Pending Charters!  
Africa Region  
Arab Academy for Science & Technology (Egypt)
Asia Region
University of Engineering and Technology Taxila (Pakistan)
Pending Reactivations!
Southeast Region 
Atlanta Professional Chapter
Great Lakes Region 
Louisville Professional Chapter
Key Region

Michael Lalle 
Joyce Hadley


South Central
Kyle Grabill

North Central
Daniel Thury

Raymund Mui

Vidya Gautam

Alfredo Santana 

Loon Ching Tang

Central/South America 

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