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What's in Store for 2013?
ParcelMap BC Update
ICIS Visits the Lower Mainland
On Comet, On Parcel, On Address, on Blitzen!!
How are Utilities Utilizing the ICIS Cadastre to Improve Their Own Data?
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What's In Store for 2013?
By Barry Logan, ICIS Executive Director
2013 will mark the final year for the current ICIS three year Strategic Plan which was initiated in 2011. The concentrated focus of ICIS work is implementing GeoShare services throughout the Province in order to establish, streamline and automate the scheduled delivery of contributed land parcels and address points from the local government membership segment. More... 


ParcelMap BC Update
As noted in a previous ICIS release, the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC (LTSA) and its stakeholders including ICIS, are developing ParcelMap BC (PM-BC), a single, complete, trusted, and sustainable electronic map of all titled and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels. To build and maintain PM-BC, existing information held in disparate systems will be consolidated; missing pieces will be compiled by the LTSA; and an ongoing operation and maintenance framework will be devised. This will require the effort of expert systems vendors to facilitate PM-BC development. More... 
ICIS Visits the Lower Mainland
By Michelle Mitchell, ICIS Communications Coordinator
It was a lovely September for Southern British Columbia, and members of the ICIS team were able to witness firsthand the beauty that British Columbia has to offer. While attending the MISA BC conference in Harrison Hot Springs, Steve Mark and Michelle Mitchell conducted site visits int he Fraser Valley in order to meet with members and install GeoShare scripts. More... 
On Comet, On Parcel, On Address, On Blitzen!!
By Steve Mark, ICIS Technical Coordinator
As we approach the end of the 2012, and with it the holiday season, I thought I'd give you an update of our GeoShare successes for this year. The Elves at ICIS have been very busy over the past year making sure all the Municipalities and Regional Districts have been good this year. By leveraging out GeoShare scripting intelligence we can tell what jurisdictions have been naughty or nice. In truth, we can now notify jurisdictions of outstanding data deliveries, as well as provide feedback on their data submission. The good news from the ICIS North Pole is that we currently have 1,292,067 parcels on weekly refresh. More...


How are Utilities Utilizing the ICIS Cadastre to Improve Their Own Data?
By Piet Nooij, FortisBC & Michelle Mitchell, ICIS Communications Coordinator
On September 13, 2012 ICIS held its 11th Annual General Meeting at the Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria, BC. At the meeting, a Local Government Member brought forth his observation that utility data is not aligned with his specific local government land base. Specifically, the member was interested in whether the Utility members, in general, utilize ICIS data to improve existing Utility data. More...  


ICIS held its 11th Annual General Meeting September 13th in Victoria BC. At the meeting, Harry Mercer completed his term as President of ICIS. Many thanks to Harry for his work and dedication during his term of President.

ICIS is pleased to introduce Ferenc Pataki as the new President of ICIS.

Since joining FortisBC Energy Inc. (formerly Terasen Gas Inc.) in 1992, Ferenc has held various roles including Transmission Planning Engineer, Gas Control Manager, and Distribution Asset Manager. He has also supported the successful execution of key and recurring capital projects such as the Whistler Pipeline and Whistler Conversion projects as well as a number of Horizontal Directional Drilling projects for river crossings.

Ferenc holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from UBC and an Executive MBA from SFU. 


Please join us in welcoming Ferenc to as President of ICIS.  

Happy Holidays from the ICIS Operations Team!

Mike, Barry, Michelle, Paul, Steve, & Ann

About ICIS

ICIS (Integrated Cadastral Information Society) is a non profit organization dedicated to the "collaborative sharing and integration of spatial data for the economic and social benefit of British Columbia."

Members of ICIS include Provincial Government Ministries, Crown Corporations, Local and Regional Governments, First Nations, and major Utility companies in BC.

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