Introducing ParcelMap BC 

ParcelMap BC

Stakeholder demand for an easy, efficient means of accessing land title and survey information using an electronic map of surveyed parcels in BC has been a longstanding need. Information related to land and its use is a critical underlying component of BC's economy, and intuitive map-based access to this information would improve business efficiencies for government and private industry, and provide value to the general public. 

The LTSA will develop and operate ParcelMap BC, creating a single, complete, reliable, and official electronic map of all titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in BC. To build and maintain this single parcel map, existing parcel information from local governments and the Province of BC will be consolidated, missing parcels will be compiled from scratch by the LTSA, and an ongoing operation and maintenance of framework will be devised. The resulting framework will form a complete visual portrayal of parcels connected with information in the Land Title Register and Crown Land Registry. ParcelMap BC will not inlcude First Nations or federal Crown lands. 
The first operational release of ParcelMap BC will occur during 2014, and the system will be continuously improved over time through a phased approach. Consultation with stakeholders is ongoing and will continue during project development.  
Key Features
  • Adoption of ParcelMap BC by local governments and the Province is voluntary
  •  Free and  unfettered access to the parcel fabric will be provided to ParcelMap BC's participating stakeholders: the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS), the Association of BC Land Surveyors (ABCLS), the Province, and BC Assessment.  

  • BC Assessment and ICIS will assist local government conversion to ParcelMap BC via a seed funding program.  




The LTSA is working closely with the Province, the ABCLS, ICIS, and BC Assessment to ensure ParcelMap BC meets stakeholders' need. These organizations are members of the ParcelMap BC Advisory Committee, and each has a key role to play in ParcelMap BC's successful implementation.  The role of ICIS is to provide the initial parcel data as sourced from its members, advocate the value and adoption of ParcelMap BC to its members, and communicate ICIS member requirements to the LTSA to help ensure the success of this vital initiative.