Notes from a Cocktail Napkin
Music, Martini & Me
a special show and what our show is all about
Thursday May 12
The E Spot Lounge
at Vitello's

Dave Damiani and Renee Olstead
with the No Vacancy Orchestra
for tickets: 
Click here or call 818-769-0905

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(especially if you DON'T or CAN'T use the Miracle Martini Player or TuneIn Radio)
Me & Martini

This edition of Notes from a Cocktail Napkin will underscore the musical role Martini in the Morning plays in the lives of our listeners, and the role MITM plays in bringing new friends together as we all gather around the radio. A recent letter from Martini in the Morning listener Kelly Griffin highlights the impact Martini in the Morning has had on her family:

Hey Brad, I just thought I would check in and say hi! I don't know if you remember, but 9 years ago my dad was diagnosed with AML Leukemia and was given 1 month to live. Every time he got done with a chemo treatment you played us "What a Wonderful World."  He made it well past 1 month, and he's at 9 years without any signs of cancer. Last September we danced at my wedding to our Louis Armstrong song. Needless to say, our song is not a mystery to anyone that knows us - there wasn't a dry eye in the place. I don't know if you know what a big part you played in my dad's recovery - but he lived for hearing "our song," knowing that it was an indication of his living. Thank you for being such a HUGE part of my dad's second chance at life. We love you!!!!! - Kelly Griffin - Toledo, OH

Sometimes the outcome is happy, sometimes it's sad, but MITM has played an active role in the lives of many Martini in the Morning family members, including playing a small part in the genesis of friendships that last a lifetime. Such is the case with Bob Decina from Buffalo Grove, IL, near Chicago, and Al and Daryl DiStefano in Torrance, CA, near L.A. Bob will tell the story. Click here for more.

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Dear -

It's been a while. While we remained on the air, due in large part to heroic efforts made by our entire team of "Unintentional Volunteers," my stroke in late August of last year really set us back. Thank you for your notes, your support, your well wishes and prayers. At our 9th Anniversary (my 60th birthday) party, I told everyone who asked that I felt like I was 85-90% back. Now that I'm actually 85-90% back, I realize that I was MAYBE 50% back that night.

It's been a long road back, but something that helped a lot was your notes that brightened up some of the darkest days as I grappled with the knowledge that I had had a stroke. We'll share some of those stories in this edition of Notes from a Cocktail Napkin. We're always looking for stories from you, about you, so we can introduce you to you. If you'd like to share your story about how Martini in the Morning,or the music we play affects you and your life, please send our team an  email to [email protected].

Brad and our amazing Newsletter Team 
What will I ramble about this time?
Brad - My Thoughts Exactly
What business are we in?
You've heard us talking about the recent Copyright Royalty Board ruling that essentially puts small broadcasters out of business. The CRB and its enforcement arm SoundExchange have issued a decree that is beneficial to big Internet players like Pandora, Spotify and iHeart Media, but is essentially a death knell for thousands of small Internet broadcasters. Already 6,000 stations have been silenced, taking the diversity that comes from a level playing field and giving a handful of big companies control over what we see and hear. 

Click here to learn more.
Lounging Around
Dave Damiani & Renee Olstead

As we get ready for the first show in our Torchbearer Series in The E Spot Lounge at Vitello's next Thursday, May 12, we'd like to take the opportunity to tell you a little more about the artists helping to light the way. Click here to learn about Dave Damiani and Renee Olstead.
last  MITM Martini Glass  call
From the time I started thinking about Martini in the Morning, and really from early in my career, I've believed that in exchange for the access you grant us to your home, your car, your heart and your mind, from those to whom much is given, much is expected in return. We work hard to provide you with the entertainment you want, the information you need, and we try to put you together with artists who make the kind of music that makes your heart soar, your mind happy and your feet move. We have a commitment to the people who perform, who pen and who produce the greatest songs ever written - whether they were written and recorded yesterday or 100 years ago.

There are people who stand in the way, who would try to get in between you and the people responsible for the music we love. They make it difficult, virtually impossible for a little Internet station like ours, staffed by unintentional volunteers, people like you who dream of a day when we don't struggle, when we might be successful in ways we've never imagined, able to bring you this music, connect you with these very talented artists, and convince more artists that there is a future in writing and performing music that soothes your soul, rather than rattle it, inspiring hatred, violence and hyperactivity. We often say that the coolest, swingin'est, most romantic music on the radio is on Martini in the Morning. We would like to continue to make that happen, to deliver this level of entertainment to everyone who seeks something that inspires them, something that relaxes them, something that makes each day a little brighter.

Our "Torchbearer Series" of shows is an effort to keep the music playing no matter how hard the big broadcasters, recording corporations and government agencies are making it for small businesses like ours to preserve this musical legacy, to provide a kind of entertainment sorely needed, and to encourage young people to find the music in their heart knowing they don't have to play the game and get the attention of the big corporations to be successful. When you tune in to Martini in the Morning, when you Share the Martini with friends, family and co-workers and when you go to a Martini in the Morning show like next Thursday's at The E Spot Lounge at Vitello's, YOU are helping US  keep the music playing for you!

Cheers, and Thank You!

Brad "Martini" Chambers
Fay Farm