Notes from a Cocktail Napkin
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(especially if you DON'T or CAN'T use the Miracle Martini Player or TuneIn Radio)


Me & Martini
with Thelma & Louise

We hear Brad talk about Thelma and Louise, but who are they? They are good friends, longtime listeners and Martini family and sponsors; Cindy Covington and Susan Straughn. Click here to learn more about this dynamic duo.
Upcoming Events
You Won't Want To Miss! 

Steve Tyrell
Aug 20-21
Bethesda Jazz and Blues
7719 Wisconsin Ave, 
Bethesda, MD 20814
(240) 330-4500

Aug 30
Grand Del Mar
Del Mar, CA
(855) 314-2030

Dave Damiani 
& Renee Olstead
Aug 21-22
Dante Hall Theater
14 N. Mississippi Avenue 
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 626-3890

From the Foreign Desk
 with Danni Chaso


We know that our MITM Family extends all over the world, but we love it when the extended family gets to meet. Click here to learn about Danni's adventures in the UK with fellow Lounge Lizards.

Vitello's Jazz and Supper Club  
4349 Tujunga Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 769-0905

Dear -

Celebrations are typically incomplete without family to celebrate. As a member of our Martini family, we look forward to celebrating our 9th anniversary with you. In this newsletter, we bring you the information you need regarding our upcoming party, as well as great stories about your fellow listeners and fabulous MITM artists.

If you have any suggestions for something you'd like to see in our newsletter, please let us know by sending our team an  email to [email protected].

Your Newsletter Team 
What will I ramble about this time?
Brad - My Thoughts Exactly
Let the Celebration Begin
As we gear up for our 9th anniversary, we look forward to you joining us for our big event. But before then, we need your help to make the celebration even bigger. Click here to learn more.
Celebration Updates 

You've asked for updates about the big anniversary and birthday party. We finally have the information you've been waiting for... Click here for all the important details.
Yates and Company Logo  
Yates & Company
A Full Service Salon
Lounging Around
with Aubrey Logan

You've heard her on-air and seen her in the studio, but if you haven't seen her in concert, you are truly missing out. Click here to read about Aubrey's recent show at Vitello's in Studio City.
last  MITM Martini Glass  call
They ask me to have the last word in each Notes from a Cocktail Napkin and I think there's really only one way to put a proper explanation point on all that has been written here, all that's going on as we celebrate 9 years and as we kick off our 10th year on the Internet.

That is to say THANK YOU! With 9 years behind us, there are SO many people to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. But let me start with YOU! If you weren't tuning in, "Sharing the Martini," telling your friends, family and even total strangers about Martini in the Morning, we would have gone away a long time ago.

Then there are our sponsors, those folks who purchase hourly or daily sponsorships, or sponsor a feature like Sinatra @ 6 or the 2 Martini Lunch or Michael Buble Double Plays. We're also grateful to our financial supporters, those who, whether once, once in a while, or on a recurring monthly basis, help keep the music playing. Ever since that first day on the Internet, Wednesday, September 6, 2006, broadcasting from the offices of "The Mortgage Minute Guy," Roger Schlesinger, actually, even before that, even before Roger became our first investor, allowing us to begin streaming, listeners were investing in this campaign to keep this great music around. And together, we're doing more than that, we're growing this genre, introducing the coolest, swingin'est, most romantic music on the radio to new generations of music lovers.

After Roger came a small (too small) group of early investors, believers, and a group of people who've helped me maintain my sanity (assuming I AM still sane) and keep us going, our skilled, dedicated band of unintentional volunteers. Special gratitude to Lauren from the Fun & Games Department and Mother Miriam, without whom we would not be on the air. And finally, to my wife and family, for their faith, their belief and their willingness to make some pretty huge sacrifices, allowing me to continue down this rocky road with you. Here's to year 10!

Cheers, and Thank You!

Brad "Martini" Chambers
Fay Farm