Notes from a Cocktail Napkin
Sizzling Sounds of Summer
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Me and Martini
with Peter Ackerman

Peter "The Priest" Ackerman has been around show business all his life. He's rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names, but it's the music that brings him comfort when he needs it.

Click here to read about why Peter feels so at home with MITM.

Passion World
with Kurt Elling
Photo by Anna Webber

Kurt Elling's 11th album is accurately named as it is both "worldly" and "passionate" as he takes listeners on a musical world tour. Click here to learn more about Kurt's newest album.
Yates and Company Logo  
Yates & Company
A Full Service Salon

Fun With Food
Celebrating National Hamburger Day!

Summer sounds include the sizzling of burgers on the outdoor grill. We contacted some of our favorite chefs for their advice. Click here for some suggestions to help your celebration!
Vitello's Jazz and Supper Club 
4349 Tujunga Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 769-0905

Dear -

Memorial Day typically signifies the start of the summer season. It's time to shake off the crazy weather and sink in to the sizzling sounds of summer. In this issue, we introduce you to some new sounds for your summer enjoyment as well as the sounds you have come to know and love. 

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Your Newsletter Team
What will I ramble about this time?
Brad - My Thoughts Exactly
Accepting Challenges
Last month you stepped up and helped us meet a challenge issued by one of our listeners. Thank YOU! As we keep moving forward there will be challenges and you are critical to our success. Our next challenge is an easy one... click here to learn more.

From the Foreign Desk
 with Anthony Strong

Photo by Anthony's dad


Anthony just released his newest album and recently performed at Ronnie Scott's in London. Our very own Foreign Desk Editor, Danni Chaso, was there for the show.


Click here to learn more about the club and this fabulous singer as he launches his new album. 

Lounging Around
with Bill A. Jones

Bill A. Jones (aka Rod Remmington from Glee) is an all around entertainer who has had a passion for The Great American Songbook since a young age. When presented with the new restrictions placed on Vitello's he gleefully stepped up and fantastically met the challenge.

Click here for more about Bill's recent show at Vitello's and his visit to the MITM studio.

last  MITM Martini Glass  call
I sincerely hope that you enjoy listening to Martini in the Morning as much as we enjoy playing the coolest, swingin'est, most romantic music on the radio for you. As we said earlier, we've had some challenges, but the very interactive Martini in the Morning family can handle anything together. And I'm not just talking about the struggles we've experienced keeping MITM on the air and growing these past almost 9 years.

A Facebook post that's been floating around for a few months had caught my eye, but I don't usually do those mass posts. This one in particular had given me a lot to think about - it was basically Golden Rule stuff, but went beyond that, encouraging us all to go a little easier on the folks we encounter, even taking the opportunity to lift them up, because we never know what troubles might be hiding behind a smile. When a friend whom I really respect and admire posted this piece on his Facebook page early one morning, I thought if he was posting it, something must be going on, something must've really motivated him. So I followed suit. What followed was an outpouring of messages, some asking if I was ok. Some sharing pain or sadness in their life, and how this uplifting Facebook message had touched their heart. 

I want to thank you for the validation we get when you tune in. A lot of hard work by a lot of people has gone into MITM over the years. Your words of support, inspiration and encouragement, along with your investment in our efforts to keep the music playing for you get us through even the most challenging days. Supporting, Sponsoring, Sharing the Martini - if all of us practiced the 3-S's, at least two out of three, we'll be here together, enjoying the greatest songs ever written, for a long time.


Brad "Martini" Chambers