Notes from a Cocktail Napkin
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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An Irish Perspective

St. Patrick's Day has become more than just an Irish celebration. On March 17th, everyone becomes a wee bit Irish. We thought we'd check in with some of our Irish listeners to get some expert advice on the day.

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From the Foreign Desk
with Pete Miller

From Dublin to Dublin - Ohio to Ireland that is. Pete takes us on a lifelong journey to find his family and meets up with some of our Martini family along the way.

Click here to read more about his adventures.

Rosemary Clooney
by Harry Young

In keeping with our Irish theme, we thought we'd give you some background on one of our favorite Irish-American singers. Click here for more about George's Aunt Rosemary.
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Dear -

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

This month, we thought we'd take a closer look at this Irish holiday which has been adopted around the world; from articles on the big day itself, to one man's journey to Ireland, and even a spotlight on an Irish-American singer. Also in this issue, Brad and Walt both remind us of the importance of the three S's and we'd like you to meet our newest sponsor,

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What will I ramble about this time?
Brad - My Thoughts Exactly
Staying Green
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the Martini
 with Walt Kendall


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last  MITM Martini Glass  call
Faith and begorrah ... may the luck of the Irish be with you on this St. Patrick's day. Actually, I'm really focused on faith today, faith that we can come together as a Martini in the Morning community and keep the music playing. 

I'm stepping out on faith too, to ask you to support a Martini in the Morning listener, family member, who has taken every opportunity in her own natural, inimitable way, to "Share the Martini." Actress, singer, writer, speaker now dancer, Suzanne Somers is on ABC's Dancing with the Stars," debuting last night. With her talent, her coach's choreography and the Martini in the Morning family voting for her, how can she lose? We all need to "Share the Martini" among our friends, family and even total strangers - but Suzanne's is like "Sharing the Martini" on steroids. 

MITM Listener Suzanne Somers with dancing partner Tony Dovolani 
I don't know exactly how the voting works, but from Suzanne's post on Facebook, you should be able to click here and vote or call 1-855-234-5611 to vote for Suzanne and pro hoofer Tony Dovolani - It could be too late for this week by the time you read this, but if not, vote early and vote often. If not this week, then next. Like you, she's family.

Brad "Martini" Chambers