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Spring 2013    
Letter from the Executive Director

Summer acupressure point

Dear Friends and Supporters,


So many of us have been deeply affected by the events surrounding the bombing of the Boston Marathon last week. People were touched in ways they were not expecting.  Whether it was a stranger's shoulder to lean on, a comforting hug from a friend or family member, or the life saving pressure of a tourniquet, touch conveyed the power we have to help and heal.


Touch - whether it's gentle or firm, comforting or encouraging, warm or cool - speaks to our most basic human needs in a host of ways that voice and vision cannot. Many of us have heard about the studies that show babies failing to thrive when deprived of touch, or seen the image of the stronger of two premature infants reaching out to touch its weaker, struggling twin. The touch of her twin calmed the struggling baby emotionally, improved her blood oxygen level, and allowed her to begin to thrive. Touch can literally save a life.  


Pathways is improving your access to the power of touch by introducing a 20-minute chair massage for $30. We hope this shorter and less expensive option will encourage more people to experience the power and relief that can come from bodywork. We already provide full body shiatsu and massage to a wide variety of clients in our main clinic, to cancer patients at the Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center, and to elders with chronic disease and people living with disabilities confined to their homes. The benefits people experience include reduction in pain, improvement in blood flow, increased relaxation and improved mood.


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Support Our Building Fund Drive by Endowing
a Leaf!

Purchase a gold, silver, or bronze leaf and we will engrave it with the name(s) or message that you choose and then place it on the beautiful mural in Pathways' new clinic. Your leaf will become a permanent part of our clinic and of Pathways' future.

Click here to download our Endow a Leaf order form  


We've made good strides towards opening our new clinic at 35 W. Newton Street, but we still have a long way to go. We completed our design plans in December, successfully won our variance to use the space for our wellness clinic in January, and selected our general contractor, D.F. Pray, in February. However the estimated cost of the construction and move is now $443,000, up from the $380,000 we originally thought.  


So far we've raised $230,000 and we're depending on your help to get us the rest of the way there. This project is so critical because our new location, with its increased number of treatment rooms and storefront visibility, will improve our ability to serve the community and help us generate revenues to support our mission.


You can help us by Endowing a Leaf or by making an online donation in any amount by clicking here.


Did You Know. . .

. . . that Pathways offers insurance discounts for acupuncture and shiatsu treatments?

If you have insurance through Harvard Pilgrim, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, or AARP, you can receive a 25% discount off our standard rates for acupuncture and shiatsu treatments.

No other discounts apply. Please call our front desk at 617-859-3036 for more information and to make an appointment.

Meeting Our Neighbors and Making New Friends

In January Pathways welcomed over 30 friends and neighbors, including Representative Byron Rushing, Katherine Adam, Chief of Staff for State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, Washington Gateway Executive Director Jennifer Effron, and Blackstone Franklin Square Neighborhood Association President, Matthew White, to an Open House party where we shared plans for our new Wellness Center at 35 W. Newton Street. Nuestra Comunidad CEO David Price was recognized at the party for the financial commitment of over $130,000 they have made toward the construction of Pathways' new home.


Party guests had the opportunity to view a virtual tour of our new space and to chat with architect Chris Brown. Our guests also sampled delicious treats donated by Above and Beyond Catering, El Centro, Vejigantes Restaurant and Trader Joe's, and indulged in sample acupuncture treatments and chair massages, as they enjoyed cool jazz tunes from local musicians Will Jobst and Jason Smith and visual delights from Olympia Flower Store. Thanks to all who helped make this wonderful evening possible.


Ask the Acupuncturists


Q. Can acupuncture influence my sleeplessness? When my sleep cycle gets disturbed, it's difficult to get back on track.

A.  In Chinese Medicine, sleep is the time when the soul migrates to the liver for replenishment. If something prevents that from happening (noise, jet lag, time changes, or other factors) the liver function can go out of balance and respond with a characteristic irritation or inability to assist the whole body in functioning smoothly.


Talking with an acupuncturist will help figure out the type of sleep disturbance that is affecting the patient. For instance, some people can't get to sleep, while others can fall asleep but wake up in the middle of the night without being able to go back to sleep. Other folks may wake up every 1-2 hours throughout the night. In all these cases, the lack of refreshing sleep is related to fatigue throughout the course of the day.


Another Acupuncture House Party Success! 



Pathways extends its warm thanks to long time supporters Anne St. Goar and Board member Francesca Holinko, who hosted an Acupuncture House party on April 3rd for about 15 friends and neighbors.   


Guests enjoyed refreshments while they heard about Pathways' mission and programs from Executive Director Demie Stathoplos, as well as from a long time Pathways client, and Pathways' Research Director and acupuncturist Beth Sommers. Demonstration acupuncture sessions were provided to guests who wished to try it. If you would like to find out more about hosting an acupuncture house party, contact Demie Stathoplos at, or 617-859-3036 x270.


Upcoming Events


Save the dates for two exciting events that are coming soon!

On June 3rd our second annual Online Auction opens and runs for two weeks. You won't want to miss the incredible array of items up for bid--restaurant gift certificates, travel packages, Red Sox tickets, spa treatments, theater tickets, and much more! Be sure to watch your email for more information as we get closer to the event.

And on September 29, Saluting the Spirit, our yoga fundraising event, returns. This year the event is being held at the Artists for Humanity EpiCenter in South Boston. Registration for the event will open soon--stay tuned!  

Welcome Yasmari!


We are very fortunate to welcome Yasmari Mercado to Pathways as our Clinical Coordinator. She comes to us with customer service and health care experience as well as a strong interest in holistic medicine. She speaks Spanish, loves to travel, explore new ways to better one's self with holistic care, and spend time with her 6-month old and her fun 3-year old.  It's good to have her on our team!


Pathways Makes House Calls!

Acupuncture in your HomeNow you can experience the healing power of our treatments in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. Home acupuncture, shiatsu, and massage treatments, provided by Pathways highly trained and licensed clinicians, offer a private and relaxing way of caring for yourself.


To schedule your home or office appointment please call 617-859-3036, x320 or for more information click here

Community-Style Acupuncture


Experience the healing energy of a group
acupuncture session!


Sliding scale rates:         Community Style Acu-2


$25-$45 per treatment


All are welcome.


Find out more!


  Acupressure Point
 of the Season
Acupressure Point
Kidney 1
Gushing Spring   

By Edie Snow, A.B.T.

Kidney 1 is located on the soIe of the foot, two thirds up from the heel, between the second and third metatarsals, in the 'cleavage' of the ball of the foot. 


This point can help with insomnia and is easy to include in your nighttime routine. After you brush your teeth and wash your face, use a warm facecloth to rub your feet, and press the point at the same time. 


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15% Discount for Referrals!

We greatly appreciate our satisfied clients' making referrals to friends and family and, as a nonprofit, we depend upon it.

As thanks, we offer a 15% discount voucher for each referral you make to Pathways. This voucher is valid with all other discounts. For more information, call us at 617-859-3036, ext 0.


Thank You for Sharing the Care!

With your help we're able to provide free acupuncture for people with HIV/AIDS and low-cost care to many others who otherwise could not afford it.

The cost of your treatments helps pay for someone less fortunate. We also rely on donations to ensure that no one is denied our care.

Please Share the Care and help others who need our services.

Insurance Discounts

Are You a Harvard Pilgrim Plan Member?

If so, acupuncture may be covered under your plan. Harvard Pilgrim recently instituted full coverage for acupuncture treatments under certain plans. There is a $20 co-pay and coverage is for 20 treatments. Check with your benefits administrator to see if your plan qualifies.
If your plan does not qualify, Harvard Pilgrim members can still receive 25% off our standard rates for all services.*
Pathways Also Offers the Following Insurance Discounts:
Blue Cross/Blue Shield members:
25% off standard rates for all services*
AARP members:
25% off standard rates for all services*
Members of LU26 receive the following:
- 20 free acupuncture treatments per year
- 12 free shiatsu bodywork treatments per year
- 12 free Chinese herbal consultations and prescriptions per year
*no other discounts apply

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