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December 2012   
Letter from the Executive Director

Summer acupressure point

Dear Friends,


Pathways has been sustained through YOUR support for more than 23 years. You are an incredible community of volunteers, supporters, clients, staff and donors. Partnerships with health organizations throughout the Boston area have been an important part of that support. These connections sustain and nourish us, and help create and maintain healing environments--safe spaces for our clients to rest, heal, and rejuvenate. In the spirit of gratitude, I wanted to share our thanks to these partners with you.


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Holiday Gift Certificates are Available Now! 



Give the gift of health to your friends and family this holiday season. Pathways gift certificates are available in any amount for acupuncture and shiatsu treatments.


SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase gift certificates totaling $100 or more and receive a coupon good for a free community-style acupuncture treatment!


Celebrate the season of giving with a gift certificate from Pathways and feel good knowing that your purchase helps subsidize a free or low-cost treatment for someone with HIV/AIDS, a military veteran, or for others without resources.


To order, call 617-859-3036, ext. 0, or stop by our front desk. 


Thank You, Vertex and Wayfair!

Pathways recently hosted volunteers from Vertex, a Cambridge-based  Vertex Volunteer Day at Pathways pharmaceuticals company that allows employees to take the day off to work with nonprofits. Manisha, Lynn, Nicole, Rebecca, Sarah, Arun, and Stephen (not pictured) did a great job helping to spread the word about our organization. Thank you to our new ambassadors!  


Wayfair Employee Wellness Day
Our own Beth Sommers, LAc, provided demonstration acupuncture sessions to more than 30 employees at the Wayfair employee wellness day in November. Pictured here, Pathways Executive Director Demie Stathoplos joins Jill Shah, CEO of Jill's List and spouse of Wayfair CEO and co-founder Niraj Shah, as she enjoys an acupuncture demonstration treatment, and her colleague Abby Ackerman.


Did You Know...

...that Pathways conducts over 60 outreach events each year?


Pathways staff and practitioners participate in a variety of outreach activities throughout the year including health fairs and corporate wellness days as well as events for hotel employees, seniors, and veterans, among others.


Outreach events, which often include acupuncture and shiatsu demonstrations, introduce participants to the benefits of holistic therapies and to the services we provide here at Pathways.


In addition, we conduct 6-10 in-house workshops annually on topics ranging from pain and stress to acupressure and nutrition. Together these workshops and events enable us to advance our mission by educating over 1,000 people per year on the uses and benefits of holistic therapies.


If you would like Pathways to participate in an outreach event at your company or organization, please contact Bob Hornstein at or call 617-859-3036, ext. 280.

Another Acupuncture House Party Success!      

THANKS to Robin Bornstein for hosting a lovely acupuncture house party for ten of her friends and colleagues. Robin provided delicious refreshments, and her guests braved the rain to join us for a brief description of Pathways' mission and programs, as well as acupuncture demonstrations provided by our Research Director Beth Sommers, LAc.  

The party led to several helpful connections for Pathways, and to broader awareness of how we support our mission. Acupuncture house parties are a unique way for Pathways to spread the word about our work in the community, while providing an entertaining and meaningful way to connect with your friends and colleagues. If you are interested in hosting an event at your home or office, contact Demie Stathoplos, at or 617-859-3036, x270.

Welcome Colbey!

We are so fortunate to welcome Colbey Ricklefs to PathwaysColbey.  


Colbey comes to us with a background in service to people living with HIV/AIDS both in the U.S. as well as internationally. He provided HIV testing to pregnant women in Ghana, studied how the health care system in Rwanda adapted to meet the needs of those infected with HIV as a weapon of warfare, and taught high school students in South Africa assertiveness skills to maintain their sexual health. He also spent a week leading 12 students to work with Birmingham AIDS Outreach and AIDS Alabama.  


Colbey is bilingual in Spanish and English, and acted as a translator on a medical brigade to Honduras that was providing medication and medical attention to a rural community there. His sensitivity to the needs of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds make him a welcome addition to our team.


We Could Use a Little Help...

Our Spring Online Auction raises money for our free and low cost programs. Its success depends on our ability to acquire great donations from local restaurants, retail shops, and sporting or entertainment events that YOU like to go to. Do you have a favorite place you like to eat, shop or be entertained? Are you willing to ask them for a donation on behalf of Pathways to Wellness?   


Call us and we'll help you help us with all the materials you need to ask for a donation (and we'll make sure that you're not asking anyone for a donation if they've already given to us). If you can help, let us know by calling Bob at 617-859-3036, x280, or email him at


Your help is greatly appreciated!


Community-Style Acupuncture


Experience the healing energy of a group
acupuncture session!


Sliding scale rates:         Community Style Acu-2


$25-$45 per treatment


All are welcome.


Find out more!


  Acupressure Point
 of the Season
AcuPoint P6
Pericardium 6
Nei Guan or Inner Passage     

By Christina Dea, LAc

P6 is located two finger widths from the wrist crease, between the two tendons of the lower arm.  


It is a calming point, good for opening and relaxing the chest, and for insomnia,   


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15% Discount for Referrals!

We greatly appreciate our satisfied clients' making referrals to friends and family and, as a nonprofit, we depend upon it.

As thanks, we offer a 15% discount voucher for each referral you make to Pathways. This voucher is valid with all other discounts. For more information, call us at 617-859-3036, ext 0.


Thank You for Sharing the Care!

With your help we're able to provide free acupuncture for people with HIV/AIDS and low-cost care to many others who otherwise could not afford it.

The cost of your treatments helps pay for someone less fortunate. We also rely on donations to ensure that no one is denied our care.

Please Share the Care and help others who need our services.

Insurance Discounts

Are You a Harvard Pilgrim Plan Member?

If so, acupuncture may be covered under your plan. Harvard Pilgrim recently instituted full coverage for acupuncture treatments under certain plans. There is a $20 co-pay and coverage is for 20 treatments. Check with your benefits administrator to see if your plan qualifies.
If your plan does not qualify, Harvard Pilgrim members can still receive 25% off our standard rates for all services.*
Pathways Also Offers the Following Insurance Discounts:
Blue Cross/Blue Shield members:
25% off standard rates for all services*
AARP members:
25% off standard rates for all services*
Members of LU26 receive the following:
- 20 free acupuncture treatments per year
- 12 free shiatsu bodywork treatments per year
- 12 free Chinese herbal consultations and prescriptions per year
*no other discounts apply

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