Unique Value Propositions Raise Brands & Proposals To The Next Level

Strong UVPs Guide Buyers Away From Commoditizing Your Business

An elevator pitch is your situational sound bite response to someone who asks "what do you do?" Your goal is for them to invite you to discuss what you can do for them.
Without tag lines, puffery or jargon, a Brand UVP introduces a non-price related common ground early in the lead nurturing process. When an important lead becomes "sales-ready", it's time to create the right Proposal UVP.
A strong UVP that is etched into the core of your business will impact everything from back office to front office.
Instead Of Reducing Your Price, Improve Your UVP And Raise Your Perceived Value
A strong Brand UVP attracts quality leads and will help in closing small opportunities. It will impact your ability to move a sales-ready lead into the sales funnel where the focus shifts from marketing to selling. Then, you must develop a strong Proposal UVP that enables you to be well positioned to win technically, politically and financially and to earn a higher price than the competition.
Buyers won't pay extra for what you say about yourself. Excellent UVPs require research with the goal of being very unique and customer-centric.  It's challenging and time consuming to create a worthwhile UVP that earns a higher price than the competition.  The alternative is to expect price negotiation tactics too difficult to be countered with tag lines and slogans.
John Bernardi
Change Agent

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