February 25, 2014 
The 5 secret skills you need in an excellent change manager 

Making a significant technology change is costly and additional risks are introduced if the change for impacted users is not managed effectively. You can schedule the activities for technology implementations. But you cannot schedule its adoption. What you can do is create the environment and opportunities that help users embrace the change. A first-rate change manager can make that happen.   

Don't just choose a "good" change manager. Choose an "excellent" one!


When you're looking for someone to help manage the changes of your technology implementation, you want to look beyond the obvious required technical "know how" of change management skills and seek out the traits listed below that differentiate them from all the rest. 



1. Systems Thinking


Excellent change managers are acutely aware of the domino effect that technology changes have on functions throughout your organization, either directly and indirectly. Having a solid understanding of how different parts of your organization work with and influence the other allows the change management activities to be more inclusive and alleviate potential missteps before they occur.     



2. Personal Resilience


The bottom line is this: Your change manager will likely take a verbal beating. Impacted users often see technology changes as a threat to their jobs and may retaliate with push-back and resistance. The excellent change manager remains positive and manages his or her own emotions in the face of ongoing opposition while holding others accountable to do their part in implementing the change. It's a tough job, but the right person does it gracefully. 



3. "Translation" Skills


The excellent change manager is able to decode complex ideas and change them into understandable nuggets for impacted users. It takes finesse to translate strategic ideas into language that is easily digested and explain the "What's In It for Me" aspects of the change.   



4. Influential


Does the individual have the ability to influence others even without having direct authority over them? The excellent change manager sensitively adapts and reacts to different personalities and project interests in order to get everyone on board with sensitivity. 



5. Leverages Differences


All organizations, domestic and global, are made up of many different types of people. Excellent change managers use these differences to the advantage of the change project by finding the common ground between the types from the get-go. Identify someone who possesses a global mindset!

You can check every box and design the perfect implementation process but none of it will matter if you don't have the right change manager at the helm. The skills listed here are not all encompassing. But having them as part of your team will help go a long way in making your change efforts more successful.  



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