Building Successful Futures
December 2014
Message from the Superintendent  


As we finish the first half of the school year, I hope that all of our staff members are able to celebrate the holiday season with both family and friends.  The winter break is a time to reflect and also a chance to re-energize so that we return to our respective roles enthusiastic about serving our students for the remainder of the school year.  I wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday and look forward to the New Year!                                                             

Peer Mediators Introduced in Classrooms and School  


Conflict is a normal and unavoidable part of our daily lives, and we have choices in how we deal with it. A group of sixteen Terrace students, in the 5th-8th grades, have almost completed the initial training to be mentors to fellow students. These students have dedicated personal time to become trained in conflict resolution strategies with counselor Ingrid Larsen & school board member Phil Kirby. 


In peer mediation, students are given a chance to tell their side of the story. Ground rules are established to level the playing field. When each disputant has told his or her side of the story, solutions are discussed and agreed on. Mediators are trained facilitators of the process using active listening skills, paraphrasing, and eliciting feelings and solutions. When solutions are agreed on, a signed, written agreement is the end result.


Peer mediation, which includes conflict resolution skills, offers students options where they can learn to resolve differences peacefully. Although not a panacea, mediation is a valuable tool at schools. Each disputant walks away a winner. Mrs. Larsen expects the mediation process to be an effective strategy and increase instruction time by decreasing the frequency of classroom disruptions at the middle school.    

CLHS Continues a Tradition of Giving
Under the leadership of Hannah Norwood, who was assisted by Madison Wynacht, the annual "Christmas for Kids" program was a huge success.  Hannah gave presentations at the Rotary Club of Lakeport, Lakeport Lions Club, Elks Lodge, and Kiwanis in search of sponsors of needy students and families in the district. Through the generosity of community members, parents, teachers, staff, and the CLHS Student Council, the program was able to provide gifts for over 170 students and families this year. In its 17th year, the program followed tradition and was lead by a senior selected  from the prior year's organizer. Minna Werner has been chosen to chair the 2015 Christmas for Kids program. Retired assistant principal Bob Mayer continues to serve as an adviser for the program. 
Hannah Norwood and Madison Wynacht wrap gifts that will be distributed through the Christmas for Kids Program    

In Gratitude
Lakeport Unified School District is grateful for the support of our community! 

~ The Lake County Wine Alliance donated $6,400 to support the Clear Lake High School visual and performing arts program. Donations such as
this are integral to maintaining these opportunities for students.  
Dr. Lannette Huffman Receives Recognition from the Board 
Dr. Lannette Huffman was honored at the December board meeting by the LUSD Board of Education for her generous contributions to the District including a dynamic dental health presentation on Halloween Day for elementary
and middle school students.

Police Volunteer Larry Howerton is Honored
Lakeport Police Department volunteer Larry Howerton received recognition by the LUSD Board of Education for facilitating a safe and organized flow of traffic in the elementary school parking lot both before and after school. 

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