Building Successful Futures
October 2014
Lakeport Alternative Education Center and People Services Provide New Options for High School Seniors




The Lakeport Alternative Education Center and People Services, Inc. have teamed up to give seniors a new "alternative" to complete their senior projects while giving back to the community and learning valuable employment skills. Seniors involved in the program, are required to complete 15 hours of work at the People Services facility under the supervision of executive director Ilene Dumont.  


Since launching the program last spring, seven students have completed the program and earned their high school diploma. Director of student services Joe Aldridge anticipates the participation of another 8-10 students this year.


The goal of the collaboration between People Services and LAEC is to have seniors earn their diploma, enhance their independence, promote career options, and to gain self-confidence. Each student submits a resume and completes a professional interview prior to working. The student then completes specific tasks such as interacting with clients, cleaning and detailing vans, and working in the vehicle shop. Ilene takes a firm but compassionate approach with the students. They are treated as employees and are required to show up for work or call and reschedule if an emergency arises. There is a celebration when they finish the program which reinforces that the work they've completed is important and valued.


After the requirements are completed, each student meets with the principal to discuss both job performance and how the newly learned skills will apply to a future job search. Successful students are considered for job placement within People Services or partnering organizations.


Photo Courtesy of People Services
Teachers Receive Technology Donations



Terrace Middle School teachers Becky Davis-Lawler and Jennifer Bass get a high-five for being awarded technology devices through  Becky received three chromebooks from U.S. Cellular and Jennifer received two digital cameras and accessories from the Chevron "Fuel Your School" program. The website helps meet the needs of teachers all over the country by locating donors who want to bring innovative ideas of teachers to life by providing the supplies and equipment they need.  


Becky attributes her success to her proposal that described specifically how the chromebooks would benefit her students. She is using the chromebooks in projects where students are developing mock businesses.  Jennifer's new cameras will be used for creating student yearbooks. Congratulations, Becky & Jennifer! 

Thank You for Your Support
Lakeport Unified School District is grateful for the support of our community!  The following businesses contributed to the district during the past month:
  • The County of Lake's Alternative to Community Service program donated $3000 to the Lakeport Enhanced Education Foundation (LEEF)
  • Keenan donated $200 in support of the Back to School Breakfast
  • The Sonoma County Air Quality Board donated 65 like new conference chairs to be used by staff at school sites
  • The Westshore Youth Basketball League donated $2,550 and the Terrace School PTO donated $2,500 towards new basketball hoops in the Clear Lake High School gym 
  • Lakeport Police Department Chief Brad Rassmussen and Lieutenant Jason Ferguson offered safe Halloween tips for Lakeport Elementary School students during a school assembly
  • Dr. Lannette Huffman and her staff provided gift backpacks to all K-3rd grade students to promote good oral hygiene during an entertaining Halloween presentation
Welcome to LUSD

New Staff Members:


* Betty Dryden, Schools of Hope          Coordinator at Lakeport Elementary

* Linda Morgan, Americorp Volunteer


* Andrea Kwasney, special education

  paraeducator at Lakeport Elementary  


* Maria Batres, campus supervisor at
  Lakeport Elementary   

* Erin O'Rourke, paraeducator in the after school program
  at Terrace Middle School


*Jonell Sornes, paraeducator in the after

 school program at Terrace Middle School   


Middle School Working to Build Tolerance

Students at Terrace Middle School joined more than one million other students across the country to help break down social and racial barriers by participating in the annual "Mix It Up at Lunch Day" on October 28th. The event, launched by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance Project in 2002, encourages students to sit with someone new in the cafeteria just for one day. Cafeterias are the focus of "Mix It Up" because that's where a school's social boundaries are most obvious. The idea is to get students thinking about others, have fun together and build bridges towards future friendships. The premise is that an event like "Mix It Up" will help create learning environments where students see each other as individuals and not just as members of a separate group or clique. School counselor Ingrid Larsen, parents, and community volunteers facilitated fun activities during lunch that day creating a comfortable environment for kids to interact. 


Assistant principal Allen Carter mixes it up with middle school students encouraging them to learn about the value of embracing diversity


4th Annual Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

In recognition of National School Lunch Week, the Food and Nutrition Services team hosted the 4th annual "Take Your Parents to Lunch Day" on October 15th. Over 75 family members from Terrace Middle School and 91 family members from Lakeport Elementary joined the children for lunch on that day.  Direct Jackie Courtney, staff, and dietetic intern Ashley Hayslip enthusiastically prepared and served nutritious foods. Parents were able to experience the success in shifting to a healthier menu with more fresh fruits and vegetables. The menu featured "haystacks" prepared with ground turkey, tomatoes and lettuce, topped with cheese and served over tortilla chips. Pears grown at Seely's farm in Upper Lake were served representing this month's "Harvest Produce of the Month" and the daily salad bar was available. Ms. Hayslip demonstrated the "Rethink Your Drink" approach to selecting beverages showing parents the significant amount of sugar in soft drinks and juice.  She presented the option of serving water naturally infused with fruit or cucumber for a refreshing drink.


Many parents remarked about their children becoming increasingly open to eating more fruits and vegetables thanks to the healthy choices now offered in the school lunch program.   



Terrace Students and Staff Share their Talents
Terrace Middle School staff mesmerize the audience during the performance of a  "King Tut" Dance

Terrace Middle School held its annual
Talent Show on October 23rd. The standing
room only event, sponsored by the 8th grade class, included 16 student performances and a special display of talent by school staff. 

Parent volunteer Laura Burke received recognition from the Lakeport Unified School District Governing Board at the October meeting. Laura is an exceptional volunteer who has been working in elementary and middle school classrooms for over 6 years.  She is highly valued for her professionalism and ability to work effectively with students at all levels. Laura is pictured with her son, Liam,a student in Jennifer Peart's class.
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