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2017 Legislative Report

Practices with Promise

May 17, 2017
In this issue you will find:
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Article4Upcoming Deliverables
A reminder that the following items are due soon:
  • Due June 20 in the AEBG expense and reporting system
    • Budget revision for 2015-16 (online certification required) and
    • Budget revision for 2016-17 (online certification required)
  • Due Aug. 1 in TOPSproŽ Enterprise: fourth-quarter data and data-integrity report. 
  • Due Aug. 15 in AEBG web portal: 
    • 2017-18 annual plan: The Annual Plan Toolkit will be out soon. Stay tuned for guidance and upcoming webinars.

Important Links:

Article4AEBG Office Launches Field Teams
In addition to the Data and Accountability Committee announced last week, the AEBG Office has established two additional field teams: the CTE Assessment Committee and the ABE/ASE/ESL Committee. As announced last week, the Data and Accountability committee will develop recommendations regarding metric definitions, data tracking, assessment, and accountability reporting for AEBG.

The CTE Assessment and the ABE/ASE/ESL committees will examine issues pertaining to how each program area should be assessed for AEBG. The committees' recommendations will be presented in a summary paper. The recommendations also will be included in comprehensive documentation of data and accountability requirements for AEBG grantees, and it will be used to develop the assessment and accountability report due to the legislature Aug. 1.

The committees will meet between May and July. Meeting invitations will be sent to the representatives of K-12 adult schools, community college credit programs and community college noncredit programs who have been selected to join the committee. These members will be joined by representatives from the California Department of Education and from the Chancellor's Office. For more information and future updates, visit  aebg.cccco.edu. 

Article4Telling Our Story
As part of our efforts to better communicate our successes to legislators and the community at large, the AEBG annual report is being designed in an eMagazine format. This interactive online magazine is highly visual, with infographics, embedded videos and narrative to bring our story to life. It's the first step in an ongoing strategy currently being developed to create communication tools to share with legislators and your partners. The eMagazine is in production now. Stay tuned for more information!
Article4Save the Date: Consortium Director Event Oct. 12 & 13
Save the date for a special AEBG event for consortia directors. The event will take place Oct. 12 & 13 at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento. Stay tuned for more details.  

Article4Final Regional Training May 19 in Huntington Beach
The next AEBG Regional Training will be in Huntington Beach on May 19.  The AEBG regional training series covers student data collection requirements for AEBG-funded students. The morning session will cover policy guidance, and the afternoon will cover data submission.

For more information about the regional training sessions, check out the recorded Jan. 20 webinar
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