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2017 Legislative Report

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May 10, 2017
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Article4Upcoming Deliverables
A reminder that the following items are due soon:
  • Due May 15 in AEBG web portal: amendments or revisions to
    • Governance template
    • 3-year plan
    • 2015-16 annual plan, and/or
    • 2016-17 annual plan.
  • Due June 20 in the AEBG expense and reporting system
    • Budget revision for 2015-16 (online certification required) and
    • Budget revision for 2016-17 (online certification required).
  • Due Aug. 1 in TOPSproŽ Enterprise: fourth-quarter data and data integrity report. 
  • Due Aug. 15 in AEBG web portal: 
    • 2017-18 annual plan. The Annual Plan Toolkit will be out soon. Stay tuned for guidance and upcoming webinars.

Important Links:

Article4AEBG Office Launches Field Team
The AEBG Office has established a field team, the Data and Accountability Committee, that will develop recommendations regarding metric definitions, data tracking, assessment, and accountability reporting for AEBG.  The recommendations of the committee will be recorded in a summary paper and in comprehensive documentation for AEBG grantees on data and accountability requirements and will be used to develop the report due to the legislature due Aug. 1 on assessment and accountability. The committee will meet between May and July. The invitations will be sent to the representatives from K-12 adult schools, community college credit programs, and community college noncredit programs who have been selected to join the committee. These members will be joined by representatives from the California Department of Education and Chancellor's Office. The selection process had to move quickly, so we apologize if we didn't get to include everyone, but there will be other opportunities in the future to become involved on future teams (which will include a formal application process).  For more information and future updates visit aebg.cccco.edu
Article4Save the Date: Consortium Director Event Oct. 12 & 13
Save the date for a special AEBG event for consortia directors. The event will take place Oct. 12 & 13 at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento. Stay tuned for more details.  

Article4AEBG Office Presents at the California Council for Adult Education Annual Conference
The California Council for Adult Education hosted its annual conference May 4-6. The AEBG Office had the opportunity to present on what's to come with AEBG. Chris Nelson and Javier Romero presented alongside Diane Batista to share AEBG successes as well as upcoming areas of focus. Neil Kelly presented additional detail regarding the upcoming work of the AEBG Office. AEBG  served 2.1 million Californians in program year 2016-17 and brought together more than 1,000 partners. Additionally, 59 percent of consortia created, developed, and launched a variety of new programs while 39 percent of consortia increased and improved access to student services, such as career and education counseling.  The AEBG office will be focusing the next several months on data and accountability, marketing and outreach, and technical assistance. 

Article4Sonoma County Adult Education Consortium Hosting Regional Conference May 12
The Sonoma County Adult Education Consortium will host a one-day conference May 12 in Santa Rosa.  The conference will feature Neil Kelly, who will speak about AEBG regulations.  Additional sessions will include a presentation about implementing CASAS and TOPSPro at the community college and sharing best practices from around the region. The event will have a regional focus, and individuals from neighboring regional consortia are encouraged to attend. There is no cost for the event, but attendees are asked to register, as space is limited. To register CLICK HERE or see link below. 

Article4Tri City Consortium Seeking Project Manager
The Tri City Adult Education Consortium (Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount) Project Manager position will be open beginning July 1, 2017.  Please submit a resume and references electronically to Iris Fernandez at, ifernandez@elcamino.edu,. Her telephone number is, (310) 900-1600, ext. 2788. Deadline May 30, 2017. For more information, see the Tri City Adult Education Consortium project manager RFP. 

Article4California Labor and Workforce Development Agency News
English Language-Learner Workforce Navigator Pilot Grant Awards Announced

On May Day, Labor and Workforce Development Agency Secretary David Lanier issued a statement saying, "Today on International Workers' Day, May Day, the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA)and its partner departments reiterate that we never ask for - nor do we collect - the immigration status of any worker who files a health and safety or wage theft claim with our offices. It has been longstanding state policy that our labor laws apply to all workers, regardless of immigration status, and that the immigration status of a worker is unnecessary information to enforcing our laws." 

The LWDA has been working for nearly a year to identify new opportunities for English-Language Learners (ELL) and immigrants in California's workforce system. The agency worked with partners to host webinars on issues impacting the ELL population and have helped to develop and implement policy changes to address some of the structural barriers.  This week the agency announced the awardees for the ELL Workforce Navigator Pilot. 
The agency and the California Workforce Development Board awarded $2.5 million to five local workforce boards to implement the new case management program which brings together job training, adult education and support services for individuals with limited English-language proficiency. The awardees are the Orange County Development Board, Pacific Gateway Workforce Innovation Board, Sacramento Employment and Training Agency, San Diego Workforce Partnership, and Madera County Workforce Investment Corporation.  Each will receive $500 million in Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act Title I Governor's Discretionary funds. 
More than one-third of California's workforce are immigrants. This population faces cultural, language and other barriers to completing job-training programs. The navigator program will provide case management and referrals to support services that will help immigrants and those with language barriers receive the education and skills training needed for income mobility.
This is just one more step toward creating more opportunities for English language learners and immigrant workers in California. 

Upcoming Labor and Workforce Development Agency Events

May 25, Sacramento, CA- the Capital Area Adult Education Regional Consortium, in collaboration with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, presents a convening on Building Career Pathways for English Language Learners. Flyer attached. Registration is required. Space is limited!

Register Online HERE using Access code CAERC2017. 
June 29, 10a.m. - Webinar hosted by the California Workforce Association on How to serve English Language Learners, Immigrants and Refugees in the Workforce. Presentation will be conducted by International Rescue Committee. More information on how to register for the webinar forthcoming. Save the Date!
July TBD- Webinar on How to Serve Farmworkers and Rural Communities in the Workforce. More information to come.

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